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Hello Steemians

artwork drawing a couple who are preparing to get married

After working today, before I take a long break tonight, I have thought again, the picture that I will see for you all, wherever you are.

the picture that I made is, a picture of a young couple and a woman, who want to hold a wedding, we also know together, before marriage, surely we have long been in a relationship, other terms know each other that we will love, but there are also times that arranged marriage, by friends or family.

know each other I mean here because, among other things.

  • meet alone
  • old school friend
  • arranged marriage by a friend
  • arranged marriage by family

in addition to the above there are also those that we encounter accidentally, for example when taking a vacation trip or the like.

from some of the explanations above, I tried to draw my summary above, into a picture, before the wedding began.

man's look

  • I make this man, with a smile of a man and very neat hair, I make this man, wearing a black suit and wearing a black and gray tie, while the pocket of the coat, I move on the right, "the left will closed the body of the woman ", by making a logo and ribbon, to replace the flower or handkerchief there, in coloring this picture, I also used black, for the whole edge of the clothes, and gave a black pencil effect, for the overall color of this suit.

the look of a woman

  • I made it from the hair section also very neat, by adding a little bun above, so that the white shawl, can be there so it is not easily separated, I also make the eyes, to look like a sad woman "sad because happy". while the clothes are worn, I make it like a long dress, white, but here I replace it with a blue border and give it a black pencil color.

in the hand, I made two flowers, which I gave red and blue, "because there is no other color I have," in my drawing, the woman's hand was holding the two bundles of flower stalks. to make it look good.

in making this picture, as usual, I made several stages of drawing, and I took a photo using the camera that I have, below the picture, I also gave information there, so you know, this drawing sequence, can be your initial guideline, if you want to make own picture.

what is the way and sequence of drawing that I mean, let us see and read together, below :


first I make the eyes, nose and hair


continue to connect the line for the head, and make another line next to it, for the man, by making the eyes, nose, mouth and head circles.


continue goto body, for both views, and add a tie, to men.


make the body parts of the man and the woman, so that the image appears to be separate, between the suit and the dress, and add the ears.


Next I continued, making the flower, held by the woman, with the right hand.


I proceed again, make the hair, for both, while I neatly the eyes.


hair section, I have finished making.


in the picture above, I immediately made these two parts, by adding thick lines such as logos, ribbons and ties for the man, for the woman, I just added a shawl and bun above the head.


The picture above, the picture before I wipe with a tissue "still clean tissue"


The picture above has blurred, because of my effort to clean all the fine and thick lines, with tissue "tissue has black"


in this part, I have to make the hair part, first.


after the hair is neat, I make the eyes, by giving a black pen.


Next, I gave a black color to the man's clothing, and blue, to the woman's dress, to the logo, I immediately made it to the end, by giving the color blue there, giving a little color to the flowers held by the woman.


then I give the effect of the skin, using a pencil on the body of the woman. and the middle of the man's suit.


I neatly right the neck of the woman, with a pencil color and overall, on the flower, I immediately gave red and blue.


in the section above, I made a pencil color effect, on the edge of the men's suit and the woman's dress.


in the section above, I unite again, the whole color of the pencil and pen, so that the sketch of the color of the pencil, is not lost, because of the influence of the color of the pen I used.


After the coloring part is finished, I make the second background of the drawing appearance, by sketching a large flower with a large ribbon, so that the background of the image is not too empty there.


continued image above, before finishing, I give a color pencil on the background of the image display, with two different writing "see picture"


oblique display 1


oblique display 2


I have finished drawing, this section is the final checking section, after making a few changes and additions, either color or, erasing some lines at a certain angle, then I have finished this drawing, the final image, see below.



surely you have seen and read it, that's a picture of the artwork that I showed, by combining several colors of pens and pencils, hopefully you are happy to see it.

I say thank you, for all your support all this time and Thank you for watching, reading and seeing, hopefully it is useful.

I end with word
Regards from me @sultan-aceh



  • Drawing board
  • Flashlight
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencil
  • Tisue
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Paper




Camera usedCannon 1300D
Lens CameraEF-S 18-55mm

Original Artwork @Sultan-aceh ©2019 All Rights Reserved
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Damn....this is superb my ever gallant artist. Beyond incredibility; well drawn and analized. Fantastic boss!!!


thank you so much @odeis

Wah..., Tampilan gambar yang berbeda, menarik....


Sama-sama @sultan-aceh


Beautiful art's pictures

So gourgious with Mordern dressup

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thank you so much