Christian Rap Challenge #1 (Dtube Exclusive)

4년 전

A brand new Steem-Powered series. My boy, @ChristianWindley, can freestyle like an angel.
We write words on notecards, and he must spit them over original FIRE beats created by @infamousit

3 rounds...

Here's a song @infamousit and @christianwindley collaborated on recently!!....

The whole tape....



alliance pic (shurikin).png

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ooohhh damn. I've been bookmarking posts to look at today; I'm glad I saved this one for last because it's by far the best. I didn't want to stop watching long enough to upvote it/ comment on it...I wanted all 11:12 without distraction. great work, gentlemen! can't wait to see the next release! Hopefully no plates will be harmed in the process :D
x x




can't wait 😀


I'm so flattered!! thank's Mo :)
I low key hope they break more of my plates, cause it was hilarious. So worth it lol.

Alliance HAH!! (throws shurikin)

best rapper :D


Thanks bro. I'm still not as Crazy Frog though!


go on bro :) i know you can grow someday



Check out this crazy shit he just made with a Greek producer called Inadze.


right?? LOCOOOOO

Great moves.. Nice job!

Hi thank you for sharing, I loved the music


Thank YOU.
Right?? He's amazing. Can't wait for everyone to hear the project he's been workin on.
He kills it.

This is awesome boss. Let's challenge

Dude, you weren't kidding! Awesome! ✌🏼


Why thanks, love!
Preciate cha :)


Dope shit, I got bars also.. check out my channel and subscribe

thanks. have a nice day


You too

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this is awesome brother 😊


Thanks man!


this is great . hope it gets what it deserve


Many blessings amigo