Oliver Waterman "Dim Bloom" - 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Submission

3년 전

Hi Steemit, I thought I'd share my submission this year for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest with you. The contest is basically a platform for National Public Radio's music team to hear as many people as possible. There are some area restrictions and some guidelines about how to enter you'll want to read before entering.

Check out the competition here if you're interested. http://tinydeskcontest.npr.org/open/

The song I'm playing is called Dim Bloom, and it's going to be on the new album I'm working on. I Should be releasing it sometime this summer.

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Oliver this brought tears to my eyes! Sooo beautiful!! <3 Best of luck with NPR, I watch/listen to their channel on YouTube all the time and you'd be such a great performer on it!


aww thanks Savy!


Beautifully played. I can't even begin to imagine how many hours of practice you do but anyone just starting to play should watch this to see what is possible with some dedication!! Oh and a some natrual talent too of course!!

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Beautiful theme. Good luck!

Wonderful music you have there. NPR Tiny desk is a great platform for music. I’ve seen many cool discussions/performances there. Good luck!


Thanks Proxy!

Sounds beautiful. You did an amazing job. :)


Thanks Kamyk!

That's great!

I really like your song. Congratulations

I could listen to this for hours! Beautifully played, fellow open-mic-er :)


Thanks Petra!

Very nice!


Thanks Joelle & Stephi!

uff too good! if for something I am good is to make criticisms .. and in this case is a constructive, I congratulate you


Thanks Daniela!

That was utterly beautiful. I've been watching your content since I joined nearly a month ago now and always look forward to your submissions. Let us know how you got on with Tiny Desk.


This confirms that you are one my favorite musicians on steemit. Your songwriting is absolutely stunning and your improvisation is extremely developed. Not many cats can improvise with counterpoint.. but you've managed to do so along with refined tone and stellar musicality. Have you looked into live-streaming your improvisations on @dlive?


Thanks a bunch Brett! This is the first I'm hearing of @dive, I'll check it out for sure! The style of improvisation I do used to be far more important in musical performance and I'd like to be able to expose more people to the concept. Counterpoint is just as easily improvised as single line, and here on steemit I've seen many performers do it well. It's something I think needs to be reestablished as a formal practice for classical musicians to some extent. Nearly any composer you can name from the baroque through modern era was skilled in this at least with their primary instrument. It's sad to me that classical music has turned musicians into a human jukebox. Tonal music and non jazz music is still just as interesting to improvise as it was in the past before jazz and atonality. Thanks for your interest in this nearly extinct art form.

P.S. I love jazz improvisation and love atonal music forms. I use many of their practices in my own, but as a student and performer of primarily tonal and/or classical music I've been very disappointed with the lack of improvisational language classical musicians have. Especially with it's historical significance with some of humanities most recognized and celebrated performers and composers being avid improvisational performers like, Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, almost unarguably the most important names in classical music.

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