Digitex, a commission free Futures Exchange on the Blockchain.

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Buying Bitcoins is the initial step in trading crypto currencies. Like trading a stock, exchanges charge transaction fees, which range from 0 to 1%. To be able to exchange Bitcoin in an exchange, the user must have an account and perform a series of steps to be verified. With over 4,000 crypto currencies available in the market, it is key to determine which currencies you want to exchange and then compare the type of transaction supported that occurs on each exchange site.

With the movements in the market of crypto currencies, to maintain contracts and investments that have optimal results can be something complicated, since their value can fluctuate with the passing of minutes, reason for which many users have decided to make use of the markets of future.

In the Futures market, contracts are negotiated for certain assets or standardized goods (size and price). When a contract is initiated, the agreed price for an exchange on a specific future date (contract expiration date) is known beforehand. The price of the futures contract is derived from a reference asset or an underlying, in this market there are many assets or commodities, such as currencies, stocks, stock indices, gold and more, being a valuable financial tool to facilitate price trade by reducing friction and costs.

Even with the advantages offered by future markets, such as maintaining prices and more that benefit both sides of the contract, these still do not escape the commissions, which, if we are not cautious, can take our profits and more, as they can transform what was a winning contract into a loss for both sides of it.

A fee is an amount charged for a commercial transaction or operation, charges that are generally originated by two main causes: the contracting and/or the operation of the product or financial service, that is to say, the Financial Institutions charge you for providing the product, and/or for the operation of the same one.

In order to solve this problem, the DIGITEX market arrives, eliminating commissions allowing the best results.

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What is DIGITEX?

DIGITEX is the first commission-free for Futures Exchange inside the blockchain for buying and selling tokens. With their technology, they present future traders the opportunity to submit maker orders or taker orders at any time under any circumstances and pay 0% commissions on all trades since their token makes commission-free trading fully sustainable indefinitely with a reliable speed when using it. Even with low costs, transaction fees remain remarkable for the trader, both in high-volume trading and in low-margin trading techniques.
By replacing centralized account balances with an independent, decentralized, intelligent account in the Ethereum blockchain, operators can use Digitex without having to trust the exchange with their money by solving many of the problems associated with purely decentralized exchanges.

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Decentralized Exchange Challenges

Emphasizing that the blockchain is a highly versatile technology that guarantees a change in established ways of doing things in a way that has not yet been discovered. But there are several non-trivial obstacles to managing a decentralized futures exchange in the block chain, where efficient settlement of trades and order matching is primarily highlighted.

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Hybrid model

Digitex is the intelligent union of the speed and reliability of centralized systems with the reliability of decentralized intelligent contracts. The interwork with the intelligent contract allows you to update an operator's information, the amount available to reflect outstanding margin liabilities and their trading profits and losses, but the exchange does not have the physical possession of the trader's funds and cannot do anything else with the funds held in the smart contract.

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The Digitex Protocol Token (DGTX Token)

The Digitex Futures Exchange aims to reduce transaction costs by making use of a token based on Ethereum technology known as DGTX, which is intended to be like the native currency of the exchange platform. The token is the main core of the Digitex Futures Exchange, which means that all profits, losses, account balances and other value-related measures will be expressed in the DGTX tokens, so that the Digitex Futures Exchange operators will be able to take advantage of the opportunities to benefit from the Digitex platform without commissions, all this while owning the DGTX tokens. With these models the need for DGTX tokens is created as traders will want to benefit from the platform, so the Digitex Futures Exchange will generate its revenue by creating and selling a certain number of DGTX tokens each year, a model that seeks to replace the collection of transaction commissions from traders. This model ensures that DGTX remains well funded and operational, this being the main difference with other exchanges where traders are asked to put their trust and money in designated in-house wallets to make the platform run smoothly.

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DGTX Token Supply and Distribution

With the initial sale, 1,000 million DGTX chips will be offered. Of this total, 65% is sold publicly, 20% goes to Digitex merchants, 10% to the DIGITEX team and its advisors and 5% to those referred. Of the 10% reserved for staff and counselors, 100% of them are in a 3-year rights consolidation program. Therefore, after the first auction, only 90% of the total stock will be in circulation.

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Revenue Generating Token Issuance Starts in January 2021

After 2 years of the long term plan, in 2021, Digitex Futures will again create a new DGTX file in order to cover the costs on a regular basis in Exchange. The number of cards issued will be decided by the holders of the DGTX cards that are circulating in the market by vote.

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The Digitex Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures Exchange is considered a trading environment for the acquisition and trading of digital currency futures contracts without transaction fees. The exchange has none of the client funds, which combine the trusted security of decentralized account balances with the speed and reliability of a centralized order book and matching system.

Main Features and Benefits:

  1. Zero Trading Fees
  2. Decentralized Account Balances
  3. Highly Liquid Futures Markets
  4. Automated Market Makers
  5. Digitex Native Currency
  6. Token Issuance Revenue Model
  7. Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin Futures
  8. One Click Ladder Trading Interface
  9. Large Tick Sizes
  10. High Leverage
  11. No Auto Deleveraging
  12. Sub-Millisecond Order Matching
  13. Off-Chain Price Discovery, On-Chain Settlement
  14. Decentralized Governance by Blockchain
  15. Complete Privacy
  16. Blockchain Driven

Screenshot_2018-09-16 Team – Digitex.png

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