Creating communities with Native.

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Native is a blockchain based platform that provides a structure which allows communities to operate using their own unique local currencies and a set of decision making tools. All communities would be functional irrespective of limited economic and technical knowledge.
Communities are the foundation on which Native is built. Individuals who have a common interest can come together and create a community on this platform.

Benefits of a platform that connects individuals with a common interest

*Opportunity to meet and relate with like minds

*Quick disbursement of information

*Access to a wealth of information from seasoned individuals

*Relationship building irrespective of time and distance

Benefits of starting a community on Native

*Capital can be raised through token issuance rather than traditional methods

*Collective decisions are made through the community's polling feature

*Members can recognise and redeem value within a global network

User types

They are the trusted administrators of the communities. They possess a vast knowledge of the community's visions and goals, they also ensure that only meaningful content is passed on to the members for voting. Curators reject or accept work completed by members of the community.

Members join communities that identifies with their goals and interests. Members are the ones that make the decisions in the communities. They enable rights and have the power to replace a curator if necessary. Members can be part of multiples communities.

Native Ecosystem Architecture

The Native ecosystem comprises of the native token and unique community tokens. They perform similar functions.

Tokens within the Native ecosystem are deployed as Bancor Smart Tokens meaning they hold a reserve in base currency. This reserve allows users to convert two tokens within the platform at a transparent and fair market value.

Community Features

This displays an overview of all activities in the community. Information such as active project proposals, available tasks and membership history is provided.

Community Currency
Each community has a unique currency which could have multiple functions. It could be used as a medium of exchange, to indicate membership among other functions.

Community Fund
Community funds grow when new members join, active participation by members and through revenues recycling into the fund.
These resources are used to promote growth and achieve goals within the community. It can be allocated to projects and tasks.

Collective Decision Making Tools

*Projects: Members have the power to determine if a project would be embarked on or not. A project is usually approved by the curator.

*Polls: These are votes that have limited or no direct financial impact on the community fund. Polls are general decisions that members must make.

*Tasks: Tasks are created by curators, they can be claimed by members who on completing the task are rewarded with Native tokens.

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