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Bitcoin which is one of the most reliable cryptocurrencies released their whitepaper prior to the time when the world was going through one of the largest financial shutdown In history In 2008. This whitepaper stipulated their project goal of introducing a monetary podium that is completely decentralized. After the accomplishment of this project, various cryptocurrencies and tokens began to emerge. As of April 2018, it was recorded that over 1,500 cryptocurrencies and tokens are currently existing.


Currently, cryptocurrencies are widely known and has gained popularity to people, agents, communities and even the government. This Is because, It eliminates the Inadequacies of centralized Intermediaries.

Challenges Faced By Non-technical Communities

Unfortunately, most non-technical entities or communities that seem new to cryptocurrency are still lost till today about the whole knowledge concerning cryptocurrencies, they have the zeal to pursue their interest with a unified currency but are limited to technical knowledge. Platforms that could enable the generation of unified tokens currencies are in shortage and this has led to Inequality In global transformation. But good news! because the platform Native is here and it is designed to solve that problem.

What is Native?

Native is a platform that allows group of people with similar interests generate their very own token currencies which serves as their unique Identification. This platform is built on the ethereum blockchain and can serve numerous communities. This solves the problem of leaving some part of the world left out from an overall global healthy ecosystem. With native, structures are created to value communities through their local currencies.

Native allows communities to posses their token for numerous operations in their distinctive communities and this unified currencies can be multiplied through the addition of members who posses same interest as such community do, active participation and determination by members and to perform simple tasks, also, revenue generated multiplies the community funds which can be used to start up a project, goal or a task depending on the decisions made by the community.

The Native Ecosystem

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This entails how Native operates to carry out operations. This ecosytem is also comprises of the native tokens follow by the community various tokens used within their various confines.

Generally, the native token is a token owned by the native platform to undergo several operations within native to the communities built on it. Tokens based on native utilizes the bancor smart tokens and its protocols, where reserves are held. This feature of this reserve allows the exchange of two tokens or currency within the native platform which is perfomed without a second entity.

Also, the token generally operates in a continuous token replica where tokens are minted and destroyed as entities or people interact.

The Native Currency

This is the base or central currency for all several tokens or currencies owned by communities within native. It is also called the NTV currency. This base currency has their foundation on bancor network token where their reserves are stored to fufil the needs of the platform.

The Community Currency

These are currencies that operates within the communities on native, it entails the community currency. This despict their language or identification for various operations best known to them.

In summary of the ecosystem of native, the base currency shows some level of same interest linked to the several communities built on native.

Why Native Solves the Problems In Communities Operation

It is no new news that communities that are limited to technical knowledge are in shortage of fundamental structures that would help in generating currencies for them. Those are one of the problems native solves and with all the various unique features which would be highlighted below, native will change the way communities would operate, how?
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1) Freedom for communities to launch their currency: native has provided the liberty and structure for communities built on native to have their unique currency which is called community currencies. A unified currency would bring oneness to the community and would allow various communities perform several task like:

  • Becoming a member: the community distinct currency can enable one to become a member through the exchange of native currency to the respective currency of the community.
  • Transaction purposes: this currency of various communities can enable members to perform transactions and can also serve as a medium of exchange.
  • As a voting tool: the community currencies can be used to vote anyone who has some level of restrictions on the platform.
  • Distribution of Interest: communities under the native platform can allocate their currencies to projects and other communities of their decisions, this would entail swap of currencies between communities.

2) Native creates an inherent value for communities: this simply entails that native sets the liberty for communities to have their indigenous value which is their currency.

3) Native creates an economy for communities: communities don't just posses currencies for possessing sake, these currencies are put to work and task which enables it to grow either investing into projects that would lead to greater returns to the community.

4)Easy access to join any community of your choice: the native platform makes it easy for people who have interest in joining various community. They can be involved in more than one community.

5) Efficient native governance: native attributes allows the currencies owners to secure the community, funds and impact to the policies of local projects that would be founded on native.

The six(6) community that exist on the platform currently

This communities were lauched as native emerged and they are;

Native platform Launch was with six Communities:

Earth Guardians community: is a group that enables young people in platforms, that will empower them and give them right to speak their opinions.

Imaginal Films Community: is a community of vibrant film lovers: filmproducers, those who loves to view movies, and funders belonging in an ecosystem that is digitally based which enables them to produce and develop movies.

SDG Futures :this is another set of community for sustainable development targets by UN(united nations).

Peace Accelerators: this is a non profit Community that is after the peace globally for the wellbeing of humanity as a whole.

1)Mr John is a fan of viewing movies and knowing how movies are produced. Therefore, Mr john founds out that there is a community in native that is called imaginal films. This community shares his interest, so Mr john joins for easy access to movies and how they are produced.

2)Richland Organisation is interested in promoting the welfare of humanity, so this organization seeks to find a community on native that promotes peace in humanity and one of these communities is called peace accelerator.

Native users and Founder
Native users includes both the curators and members. The curators are people with an intensed knowledge about the platform and guards the content that is circulated within the platform. Members are participants of various communities with the right to join multiple communities on native.

The founder of native is Jake Vartanian who is pne of those early crypto ethusiast.

In conclusion, Native has proven to solve the problems associated with non technical communities inorder for these communities to have their distinct currency.

Native whitepaper
Native website
Native twitter

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