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We all know that Cryptocurrency is gaining its total era currently in the phase of the financial system and everybody is getting ready for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. New development and creation of several currencies shows how agents and users are interested in making this whole idea of digital currency work. But unfortunately, the true adoption of cryptocurrencies won't be efficient if our crypto exchange sites still operate in a manner that is not suitable for daily development. The true adoption of cryptocurrencies won't be possible if these exchange sites don't improve in their operations. The non improvement is with respect to their poor regulations, lack of competent security, Low performance of their matching machine, inadequate services and support offered to customers and many other setbacks. We shouldn't expect adoption when these setbacks still occur because the challenges mentioned above will not only slow down the adoption of digital currency but will also drive out new investors that are interested in the whole idea of digital currency.

Before rendering the solution of these setbacks, let me expiate more on the challenges experienced in these exchange sites and they are:

  • Poor Regulations: most exchange site has more regulations which scares out investors. These regulations are highly needed due to the unbalanced market and also, many project are coming up that are promising but they are the ventures that don't have sustainable features.
    In order to avoid users to be trapped by the so called perfect project, good and compliant regulations is needed and that is what most exchange site lacks.

  • Lack of Adequate Security: most exchange site are totally depended on the usual security that every entity online prescribe to just like 2FA verification, DDos mitigation and the rest but unfortunately, with these security properties, hackers still found their way in to tamper with the system. This means that, the system needs another dimension of security that would make it difficult for cyber hackers to have access to the system not to talk of users account.

  • Inadequate Support: through out the years, people who are involved into Cryptocurrency increased but most people that were interested into crypto did not stay quite long because of lack of support from these system to teach and also explain things whenever they are experiencing difficulties. This is also with respect to several exchange site that offers non adequate services and support to their users, this allow users to be misdirected.

  • High Level of Charges:this is one setback that discourages people from exchanging their cryptos, due to this factor, person to person buying and selling increase which has a lot of disadvantages especially in the aspect of fraud. High fees are charged by several exchange site inorder to just exchange one crypto to another.

  • Low Matching Engine capability:Many exchange site have low capacity in several transaction per seconds. This low capacity will bring about slow rate towards exchanging cryptos for other cryptos.

With all these challenges involved in most exchange site, it is pertinent to look out for platforms that will promote the opposite of these challenges, and the platform to suit in is ONAM.

What is ONAM

Onam is a compliant, highly secured and transparent exchange site that charges their users in low range where cryptos can be easily exchanged for other digital currencies. Onam is full with the potentials that other exchanges lacks such as its very own security measures and its low charges incur in exchanging cryptos..

Onam is here to bring in the services users need and it solves countless problems, such as:

  • Security: Onam uses both the DDos mitigation and 2FA security measures but notwithstanding, Onam has its originated measures in securing their system and customers accounts from phishers and hackers. This measure are:
    ---Advanced Threat Prevention
    ---Trade Surveillance
    ---Intrusion Detention

  • Low Charges: Onam charges just 0.05% of charges for exchange while other exchanges charge up to 0.75% for exchange fees.

  • Increased Performance:Onam has the functions of high rate of capacity where millions of transactions can be successfully carried out per second. Most exchnge site can't go beyond 3million transactions per seconds due to their low matching engine capacity but Onam matching engine performs 10million transactions per seconds.This attribute
    will make operation faster and convenient for users. Delay in exchange cryptos is totally eliminated if Onam is being used.

  • 24/7 Live chat for users(adequate support) :Onam is at the goal of supporting and assisting her users in operating the whole system. There is availability of a live chat in several languages that solves issues associated in the system that is being identified by users. This adequate support will enable users to continually use the system since the customer care is very efficient.

  • Transparent and Compliant: Onam is transparent due to its compliance in regulations. Unlike other exchange sites where regulations are not properly stated, Onam provide regulations that attracts investors to become part of their project.

Onam Platform Attributes

There are certain features that Onam posses that enables it to perform efficiently to her users. These features cannot be skipped, such features include:

1)Advanced Order Types:
This feature allows users to have a successful day to day activities on the platform. It makes sure that the user daily target is being met.

2)Margin Trading:
This trading feature is with the potential of allowing users to posses high buying power in exchange with little interest.

3)Margin Lending:
users of the platform is able to earn by just lending based on their own discretion. This feature enables then to earn and be rewarded from just lending.

4)Composite Index Fund:
With this feature, users are able to spread his/her focus..

5)Social Media and Sentiment Analysis Tool:
This feature functions by the machine learning technology where users can make decisions based forecast of market conditions.

6)Market Scanning:
this helps users to scan for coins that are very volatile for a successful trading.

7)Advanced Charting:
This feature allow users analyse their currencies and all their tools such as security measures etc.

8)Trading Expert Coaching:
Those who are new to the system are not left out because this feature provide them with tutors that can carry them along with the whole trading.

9)News and Announcement Feed:
This feature render services of crypto news and development to new users. Users are well informed by this feature.

10)Push Notifications:
Every Activity is been alerted to the user.

11)OTC Trading:
this feature enables swiftness in exchange of assets.

12) Several Language User Interface:
they provide service in various languages

13)Several -Language 24/7 LIVE Chat Support:
Constant route to help users on basic and major issues.

14)Affiliate Program

15)FIX Server for Institutional Traders

16)Advanced and Custom APIs

What makes Onam unique from other exchange site

1)Charges:Other exchange site charges high for just trading from the range of 0.75% and above. This charge scares out new investors. But Onam charges from 0.01% to 0.05%, isn't that encouraging? Now investors can cone in and make use of their resources with no fear.

2)High capacity to Perform:Unlike other exchange site that operated at just 1.5million transactions per second, Onam operates 10 million transactions for every second. This will increase the speed at which the system work.

Other comparison can be derives front the picture below:
C3TZR1g81UNaPs7vzNXHueW5ZM76DSHWEY7onmfLxcK2iQMVK9CNNB8ttVxKKQ679Z7AxnNGq5RPvEJ4pAchyi66jCEVoTx1ipJCDWT9VxUHnhSUJk8RX2e.pngOnam Website

Use Cases

1)Jane is a victim of several hackers to her crypto wallet. She has lost most of her currencies in different occasions as a result of low security expertise of the system. With all her losses, Jane is highly discouraged from having any business with Cryptocurrency not to even talk of the platform at which such act happened. But fortunately, her Friend introduced her to an exchange site that is highly secured with their own security property. This attracted Jane back to becoming part of cryptocurrencies as a whole since an exchange site is vying to be highly secure.

Now, ONAM dosent just rely on KYC or 2FA security measures, DDos mitigation but also introduces its own security measures which are trade surveillance, Intrusion detection that will alert the system of any activity that is abnormally illegal. Jane can now enjoy maximum security from Onam.

2)Vivian has been trying to exchange her digital currencies for other viable currencies but the whole process since she started has taken up to an hour. This made vivian to cancel the whole trading activity and start all over again, but yet, still was experiencing intense delay and glitches. Until vivian found about ONAM and the speed at which it works. Vivian realize that the cause of the delay was the low capacity of the exchange site she used that complete less than 2 million transactions per second.

But fortunately, she got involved with ONAM that enables her to save her time. ONAM fulfills 10million transactions per seconds and also, this feature increase its speed while trading.

In conclusion, it is pertinent to find an exchange site that will be suitable for the new development that is occurring in the world of digital currencies. This development will definitely suit ONAM exchange site where transparency and compliance to regulations are highly recognized.

For further information, visit the following links

Onam Website
Onam Whitepaper
Onam twitter
Onam telegram

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