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Have you ever had difficulty trading and exchanging Cryptocurrencies? Well, am a victim of such friction and inconveniences experienced when dealing with Cryptocurrency in all kind of exchange site. One of the setback is the aspect that, registration is always compulsory before trying to trade or exchange Cryptocurrency. This registration alone waste a whole lot of time before even converting Cryptos. The way we have apps on our small phones that converts different centralized currency is the same way we need a simple site that can work in that same effective and simple manner to convert and exchange cryptos and that is why Onepageexchange is here.

Challenges With Other Crypto Exchanger

The Aspect Of Registration
Many people have left their dreams to crypto enthusiasm due to the complexity of having to register and follow long processes before actually being able to convert cryptos. This challenge has made people to have nothing to do with crytos not to talk of their exchange site.

The Aspect Of Limited Numbers Of Activities
Some exchange site basically segregates the cryptos in use. These exchange site are known for just a limited number of cryptos. It may be just an etherueum and bitcoin exchange site. This is way complex for users who uses several other Cryptocurrencies, will they have to start registering on several exchange apps because they need to convert their cryptos? Isn't that time consuming? Definitely, it is.

No Adequate Status Detector
Most exchange app don't provide adequate and sufficient information about transactions being made. It keeps users heart raised because most of their daily transactions are risks oriented. The need for them to have an adequate status concerning their transaction is required but it is quite unfortunate, that such exchanges don't provide this.

What OnepageX have come to solve

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OnepageX is the solution to all the crypto exchange setbacks we are experiencing today. It is said to be the simplest crypto converter since it doesn't need any form of membership. Simply, OnepageX is a simple crypto exchanger that allows the exchange and converting from one crypto to another at a very easy and simple interface. It is very fast in confirming transactions that allow users who makes use of hundreds of crypto still be able to run their activities on one very site. With this unique feature, users finds it easy to run several activities that entails crypto.

Why Onepagex solves the problems

No Registration:
Like most exchange site needs new interested users to sign in a membership form or sign up before making use of their exchange site. This act has killed a lot zeal in people about Cryptocurrency. But OnepageX attribute is anonymity, where we don't have to give personal information before we can carry out a transaction. This makes it time utilizing and convenient for people. OnepageX just expect you to take these following steps to have an efficient and smooth operation.
  • Select the digital asset you are interested in exchanging. There are hundreds of cryptos that are compatible to the platform.

  • Put in an address for withdrawing. This is all is required with respect to information given out.

  • Start your exchange.

It is as simple as this.

Numerous Cryptocurrencies Compatibility:
Just like some exchanges that are too limited on the crypto to make use of, OnepageX that was currently launch has over 140 Cryptocurrencies available now which is a grand step for OnepageX. image (4).pngSource

Adequate Status ConfirmerIMG_20181022_040528.jpgSource
This is one major aspect that allow transactions from other site to be slow. Where confirmation may exceed due processes, some exchange site don't even give a sufficient information about their transactions made and how long they should wait for the exchange. This actually shows that inefficiencies exists. But onepagex just needs two confirmation of the deposit being made, after these confirmation, transactions will become complete.

Easy Accessibility
Instead of signing in several times in other exchange site as a result of trying to make even a simple exchange, onepageX has made things easier where the URL is added to your site once a transaction is made. This makes it easier to access the site. This URL can be copied for some other references to your precious transactions.

Works With Speed
This entails that OnepageX is highly fast in making a transaction where simple steps mentioned earlier are just needed to make trasactions complete.

Integrated with other exchanges due to Prices
OnepageX is also a team worker where there are integration with other exchange site to know the absolute prices of Cryptos for exchange purposes. OnepageX is not in the responsibility to speculate prices for users rather an integration with other exchanges is paramount for the actual price to be discovered.

OnepageX Goal

In as much the launch of OnepageX just occurred, several big steps have been taken. One of the grand step was the the numerous number of cryptocurrencies that is available on the exchange. Steem will also become available very soon with several other Cryptocurrency too. Their major goal is to build simplicity when exchanging and that is what they are gradually achieving.

The Whole Concerns of OnepageX

OnepageX widget is available: this will enable fast access to the site for that particular user. It is called OneBox but it is within widget.

Low Fees are attached to OnepageX: it charges just 0.5% with charges attached to the network.


Case 1: Mr Bola is a very busy business man but has interest in Cryptocurrency, but due to how busy he is, he finds no time to go through the processes of registering and confirming email and the rest of procedures before he could convert or exchange cryptos. Until, he found about OnepageX that is anonymously oriented. Now, With OnepageX, Mr Bola is able to do his business and also involve cryptos without wasting much time.

Case 2: Prema company deals on digital currency but have the difficulty based on registering on several exchange platforms due to their limited availability of cryptocurrencies that can be used. But when Prema Company found out about OnepageX and its numerous compatibility with several crytos, this made activities easier and have less accounts with many exchanges.

In conclusion, OnepageX is indeed the most simple exchange site ever known. Its unique feature of not registering is superb and will solve a huge problem of time wasting.

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