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Blockchain technology gave rise to the first type of electronic currency without intermediaries, that is to say, electronic money that does not depend on any central authority or trusted third parties. This technology has proven to be very efficient since it reduces the monetary costs in the companies' transactions and processes. It has been very successful and more and more companies are adopting the blockchain to develop applications to optimize and undertake their businesses.

The blockchain technology has been succesful enough that it has attracted the mainstream media, and thus, many platforms have arised aiming to develop apps on the network, however, not all of said applications have an infrastructure that meets all the needs of its users, which complicates the developer's task of selecting the most suitable platform for their business.

ProximaX offers to every application developer a platform with advanced technology. This platform facilitates all the tools needed to develop apps for any company, taking into account many characteristics such as transaction speed parameters, security, scalability, optimization of resources, among others, to provide its users with the best development platform in the market.



ProximaX is a platform for the development of applications and services in the blockchain. It is easy to use and offers its users a set of tools for developers to use and build their own decentralized applications ("Dapps"), it uses the blockchain as an ecosystem for the exchange of value among participants.



Currently, developers and users are facing many challenges when it comes to the creation and execution of their projects on the blockchain, this is because the existing platforms focus on providing solutions to specific aspects, focusing only on, for example, offering only greater transaction speed, others on data storage, others in transmission, etc. This makes it very difficult for developers to create their projects since they do not have all the tools they need on a single platform, having to use several platforms at the same time, which generates a waste of time and money.

But now that ProximaX is on the blockchain, developers can find all the tools they need to create their projects on a single platform. With ProximaX you can undertake your project and create the next successful videogame on the net, the next Steemit or whatever you want to undertake.



Sirius Chain is the central axis of the ProximaX project, it is the blockchain of the platform used to record all actions and events that occur within the central services ecosystem. Sirius Chain provides structures or "contracts" that can be used for different commercial use cases. Each of these contracts or main service units is a platform that is associated with digital tokens that represent assets that can be exchanged, creating a token economy using the blockchain protocol.

Sirius Chain is a NEM Catapult fork but improved, capable of handling the demand load of platform services to make it more efficient, faster and safer.



  • Easy to use, interactive with its users.

  • Speed ​​of Transactions per second (TPS), at a rate of thousands per minute.

  • Scalability, you can scale as the number of users on the network grows without bottlenecks in your system.

  • Security, uses the participation test PoG (Proof of Greed) and PoS to ensure the network against malicious attacks that want to corrupt the proper functioning of the network.

  • Optimization of Resources, developers do not need large technological infrastructures and specialized personnel to develop their application.

  • Offers a range of basic transaction types that launch cryptocurrencies beyond their primary use of a single payment system.

  • Adaptive infrastructure, which facilitates the addition of new central services and the creation and implementation of advanced applications.

  • Versatility, to run on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and IoT.

  • Fair incentives to motivate participants to maintain and ensure the growth of the network.




ProximaX builds its services taking advantage of the advantages offered by blockchain technology.

Sirius Storage & Supercontracts

This service offered by Proximax is a distributed file management system ("DFMS") that allows data to be stored on storage devices hosted by different owners as agreed by the Sirius Chain consensus algorithm. The data is encrypted at the protocol level and divided into smaller fragments and then stored according to the agreed consensus.

In addition to Sirius Storage being a storage platform, storage nodes also act as nodes that have the function of executing supercontracts, which in turn are executable codes that perform the obligations of digital contracts.|

Sirius Streaming

This service is offered in two ways:

  • Transmission of storage where data is previously recorded, stored in Sirius Storage and then transmitted to different viewers.
  • Live transmission where data is recorded live, transmitted and distributed immediately to viewers.

Sirius Database

Distributed database that uses Tendermint as a consensus algorithm, it is not available on the public platform and is optionally offered privately. Available for applications that need a database for their project, they can run this service and at the same time use the central services that are available on the public network, giving rise to a hybrid network configuration.

Sirius content review

It is a central service that content administrators can use to facilitate a review process based on consensus across the network. Administrators can censor content based on the guidelines set in the consensus.




ProximaX designed an incentive framework that ensures that all participants receive fair financial incentives and are motivated by common interests ensuring the growth and existence of the network.

The ProximaX Sirius token ecosystem consists of the following:


ProximaX native token (XPX)It feeds the blockchain layer and consumers who want to use the services of the platform must pay in XPX.
Service UnitsThey can be purchased with the XPX token through an atomized internal exchange on the platform to use the basic services they offer. They are used to process supercontracts.
Custom tokensTokens that represent an asset in the real world can be created to boost the internal economy of a decentralized application ("Dapp"). Tiles can be customized with unique properties such as divisibility, duration, initial supply, Variable amount and transferability.


Payments made by final consumersAny payment method can be integrated with an application, for tokens and fiat.


The Automated Inner Exchange is built on top of the Sirius Chain to exchange the XPX with designated service units. Users can use the inner exchange economy to create new core service (such as a search engine) and their associated tokens.



Users can use the platform through the available REST and SDK APIs. The owners of an application that build and design their services on the ProximaX platform are able to use the basic services of the platform according to the case, also having the option of building their own platform to offer central services to their users and their corresponding token economies.

Application owners have the following features and functions available via Sirius Chain:

AccountIdentification used to consume any type of service in ProximaX. The account is a pair of keys, consisting of two types: private key and public key. The private key must be kept secret, anyone with access to the private key has control over the account.
NamespaceUsed to create a domain representation (name) of a company. A namespace begins with a name of your choice and will appear as unique in the Sirius Chain ecosystem.
MosaicIt's a digital representation of a fixed asset that may or may not be associated with a namespace. It can be a token, but it can also be a collection of more specialized assets such as reward points, stocks, bonds, warrants, signatures, state flags, votes or even other currencies. Mosaic can also have unique properties: divisibility; duration; initial supply; mutability supply; transferability; these properties can be used to establish limitations and controls. For example, the offer can be modified to control price inflation; Transferability can be limited to control how a mosaic is used.
MetadataData associated with predefined add-ons, such as accounts, namespaces and mosaics. This is achieved by creating an attachment of data to the predefined objects in Sirius Chain and are used for applications that depend on third-party services. Metadata is a way of storing custom data in Sirius Chain.
SupercontractsDevelopers can use the contracts or services offered by the platform or create your custom contracts. Supercontracts can be restarted, modified, augmented and interrupted through a pre-established consensus mechanism.
Multinivel MultisignatureSe utiliza para crear acuerdos multinivel en la cadena Sirius. La firma múltiple es un acuerdo entre múltiples partes que tienen custodia de una cuenta específica.
Cross-chain transactionsCross-chain transactions are transactions between two Sirius chains, whether private or public. Very also called "atomic exchange" it is very useful for exchanging assets between two parties residing in different chains.
Aggregated transactionsThey combine several transactions in a batch of transactions, allowing exchanges without trust, this is done by generating a single-time disposable contract. When all the accounts involved have cosigrated the aggregate transaction, all internal transactions (that is, transactions added in the batch) are executed simultaneously.



The native token that will be used by all consumers to use the platform's main services and to incentivize node actors is XPX. To participate as a basic consumer (non-developer) the platform makes available the ProximaX Sirius Wallet, a wallet that is ready to use, connect and interact with the Sirius Chain.



Sirius Chain uses Stake Test ("PoS") and Greed Test ("PoG") as a consensus mechanism to create a fair reward system for its users.

PoS uses funds and time as parameters to validate blocks, that is, the more funds a node has and the longer this asset will be more likely to generate new blocks and receive rewards.

PoG is a mechanism used to limit the transaction fees that a node can charge, which allows users with smaller bets to have the same possibility of receiving rewards.


Some platforms have been subject to attacks on their systems by malicious actors, causing large losses of money for their users. ProximaX took steps to avoid the main damages in its network, which are:

  • Zero-Fee Attacks: occurs when malicious validators attempt to manipulate the PoG algorithm by validating transactions for free and, as a result, falsify most of the blocks and potentially take control of the network. To combat this, mathematical parameters have been included in the PoG algorithm to ensure that validators who charge an average rate are more likely to forge a block.

  • Large-Stake Attacks : it happens when a malicious validator with a bet of 51% attacks the network, wins the majority of the tariffs and reverts the transactions. To combat this, PoG has parameters that ensure that there is a fair distribution of rewards.


ProximaX can be used for almost anything you need to undertake, we can mention:

  • Business Projects: It offers tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, unlimited data storage, availability and transfer of your data from any device, among others. Your data is protected against theft and manipulation of third parties.

  • Social networks.

  • Transmission services (Netflix, YouTube, etc.),

  • IoT and robotics devices.

  • Identification systems.

  • Services for law enforcement agencies, researchers and scientists can access digital evidence easily, quickly and also store digital evidence securely.



Use case 1.

Peter's project is to create an application that works as a social network, but he has realized that he does not have a specialized technological and personal infrastructure to develop his application. Researching on the internet he found some development platforms, but they don't offer him what he needs. Then through his search, he found ProximaX, which provides all the tools on the same platform and has security, speed and ease of use features, essential for the development of his application.

Use case 2.

Valery has a consulting company that is growing very fast, so it is having problems with storage, processing and data transfers to its clients. She also wants to venture into the blockchain, since she wants to take advantage of its many benefits. She was recommended to ProximaX by a friend, and ever since she has been working on this platform, her problems have been solved and the company has had no obstacles in its growth.



ProximaX offers users all of the necessary tools to develop applications in a single platform. It is very easy to use and the sky is the limit when creating a new app, as its tools are very versatile and can be used in different areas, such as business projects, health, social networks, robotics, internet of things, among others.

The ProximaX platform is 100% secure against malicious attacks, in addition to being very fast in terms of transaction speed per second. It has a fair incentive system for network participants that guarantees that its users feel motivated to maintain the platform.

Its advantages make it stand out on other existing platforms and it is ready to use. Buy your tokens and start enjoying its benefits.


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