The simplest, safest and most reliable trading platform is called "Liquidity Network".

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In the large market of cryptocurrencies or tokens, it is often difficult to find efficient platforms that allow users to exchange their coins securely and in real time. Instant and automated exchange is one of the main demands of any economic system because it allows money to fluctuate harmoniously and keep constantly spinning money in circulation, digital currencies as part of a digitized economy also require it so that operations with them generate a higher level of confidence worldwide and its adoption is massive.

In response to this need and as a very useful tool for transfer and exchange between different cryptocurrencies, "Liquidity Network" was born.


Centralization allows speed and the decentralization characteristic of the chain of blocks offers security, once combined both properties arise a scalable and secure exchange network that supports instant transactions for thousands of users at once, this is what represents and is Liquidity Network.



  • Liquidity Network Nocust Hub: Despite being a financial exchange network without custody is highly secure thanks to the implementation of the "NON-Custodial" or NOCUST that allows the exchange outside the blockchain and gives the network most of its advantages over other transfer platforms. Its security lies in the fact that funds are not available while the off-chain exchange takes place, this keeps each user's funds out of the reach of third parties and gives the security needed without sacrificing the scalability of the network, which depends on the bandwidth and latency of the internet at any given time.

  • Revive Protocol: It is the network algorithm that is applied to the hubs for the rebalancing of the payment channels in a secure way outside the chain. These hubs are neither banks nor custodians and represent the centralized part of the network that works to decongest the chain.

5.png Revive Protocol


Both you and I find quite attractive a network that meets the speed of a bank transaction but adapted to cryptocurrencies, because that would expand the possibility of mass adoption that I believe is held back by the lack of confidence in transfer systems. With various solutions to this difficulty the liquidity network is noted for its architecture, simplicity and transparency.

Unlike other solutions put on the market in this network the control of funds is decentralized, has free registration outside the blockchain, has its own mobile app, easy routing and the most interesting allows transfer and exchange for any token. Another attraction is its easy trading, high volume of transactions per minute, resistance to blockchain congestion and granting control to users.


If you have paid attention to all the information I have provided you have come to the conclusion that Liquidity Network combines the best of centralization and decentralization in one ecosystem and there is more! Thanks to this merger your funds are much safer and more secure. The centralized part of the network keeps the information, that is to say, your funds, inside an efficient server outside the blockchain working with an intelligent contract but whose access key is controlled by the user by means of the encryption it possesses, that is to say, by means of the private key, which would be the decentralization of the network.

Millions of users can be interconnected to a hub but each of them has the private key of their accounts, power is given to the user, production costs are reduced and the system becomes efficient and secure at the same time as the scalability of the network prospers.



Liquidity Network is a network based on Ethereum that even when its mechanism is based on the blockchain, transactions are made outside of it and with the help of servers under contract to create a transparent and secure network with the best of both poles (centralization and decentralization). Under the guidelines of various types of channels people can perform their operations and have complete confidence that the transaction will be successful because that is where intelligent contracts come into play to enforce the rules and otherwise disputes are open to solve any inconvenience that arises.

The advantages of Liquidity Network are varied, the rates almost null and the performance of the high exchanges, that these waiting!


5.png 5.png


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