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The connectivity of millions of devices is generating an exponential growth of data that must be stored, managed and analyzed efficiently.


As an engine to digitalization, comes the Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to the interconnection of objects with the Internet that facilitates communication between devices. Or in other words, the technology by which electronic devices are communicated that are kept at home, and that help us optimize the different tasks of the day to day.

While the devices are connected to the network, they can interact in many ways, make their own decisions and communicate with other devices and with a database. Therefore, the connected devices will provide more value to the users and many more tasks will be solved by the Internet of things.

Different organizations, institutions and even the community in general can benefit from its advantages, in fact, many cities are implementing solutions linked to the internet of things to improve the quality of their services. A practical example is found in the city of Salamanca, Spain, with the project "Rescue me", a solution linked to the internet of things that helps the mayor to efficiently reach a way to better manage urban traffic based on low cost sensors that measure different aspects of pollution.

IoT technology is expanding the range of possible internet applications, has been evolving and has made great progress since its inception, however, is still unable to solve some problems brought by internet technology as the lack of data security, in addition, the lack of interoperability between platforms due to the centralization of information, which creates a barrier to the exchange, for the circulation of data and a great concern to users.

As a solution to all the problems presented by the internet of things, blockchain technology joins a more or less recent innovation known to be the basis of the existence of cryptocurrencies, shows a great vitality due to its transparent mechanisms and concepts open. It is also convenient for an organization because it allows greater efficiency and speed in all types of transactions. It has been seen how its use has generated a major change in conventional business practices, such as finance, commerce, manufacturing, and that can already be seen as an alternative for the transfer of value and information between different organizations.

Taking into account all the advantages offered by the blockchain technology, it is inevitable that it will join IoT technology, and that together they can provide a fundamental infrastructure for the proper functioning of all the devices interconnected to the internet network.

Let's talk about IONChain

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It is the new infrastructure of the internet of things based on blockchain technology and on the internet network, which allows solving problems of security, circulation and data transaction. Its name is derived from ionization theory because it acts as a deep link between all devices making them able to exchange value with each other automatically.

IONChain facilitates the integration of the IoT devices with the network of the block chain. With the use of Edge Computing technology, it allows each device in the IoT network to be used as a mining machine, so each IoT device that IONChain uses is subject to mining rewards.

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Internet devices of things that surround us have a problem: they collect information, but they do nothing with it. They send it to the cloud, where large data centers process it to obtain certain conclusions. That slow operation of all those devices is what you want to change the Edge Computing call.

Edge Computing joins the IONChain platform, this technology allows the data produced by the devices of the internet of things to be processed closer to where they were created instead of sending them through long routes to reach data centers and computing clouds. That has a fundamental advantage, since it allows organizations to analyze important data in real time.

There is another term very related to Edge Computing that is being used more and more in this field, and it is called Fog Computing, this platform allows the cloud to be extended to be closer to the things they produce and are triggered by data from IoT devices " Fog Computing refers to network connections between edge devices and the cloud, and allows large data centers in the cloud to "delegate" part of their responsibilities to Edge Computing devices, and do so through the Fog Computing. Fog computing and Edge computing share common goals: reduce the amount of data sent to the cloud, reduce network / Internet latency, and improve response time.

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The main objective of IONChain is to allow communication between different types of devices and that they can work together using a general pattern through the infrastructure provided by the Blockchain.

IONChain works by applying the principle of ionization. The IONChain ionization algorithm separates the creation of value and the transfer of value. Data can be created and processed locally on smart devices, and then connected to the blockchain network composed of all the devices that work together. This allows a more fluid use, combining the best of both worlds: blockchain and Edge Computing.

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1.- Blockchain technology:

Due to the use of blockchain technology, the data source will always be reliable and verifiable in the IONChainnetwork. In addition, the value of the data is quantified and data transfers are fast and secure.

2.- It adapts to any field:

IONChain can adapt to any field that an IoT network can cover, among the possible applications can be mentioned transport, infrastructure, energy, extraction of resources and agriculture, environmental monitoring, care of health, among others. In the case of environmental monitoring, they could be integrated with meteorological sensors that would prevent both environmentally responsible inhabitants and the responsible authorities. Also, they could generate money by selling air, water and even earthquakes data. That could mean that users would have knowledge of pollution levels, and warnings in the case of natural disasters.

3.- Data security and security protection:

Internet technology has always been a serious threat to information privacy, because IoT devices collect data from people or companies that can be used to market and exploit. With IONChain, those who control the authorization of centralized nodes have a lot of power. The information is stored in local nodes or distributed with encryption to guarantee security.

4.- Exchange and circulation of IoT data:

  • Exchange of B2B data in the IONChain ecosystem: Devices connected to the iot network use data exchange nodes that are used to upload information and then transfer it through intelligent contracts. B2B exchanges (known as business to business) are carried out through the IONChain platform where the data emitted by the devices are used by organizations to improve the quality of services or simply solve a problem.

  • C2B data exchange: Data providers and data buyers (Business-to-Consumer) participating in the iot network can use IONChain to obtain their own benefits. For small companies it is impossible to collect data through traditional methods, thanks to the IONChain model, suppliers will be willing to exchange their data and receive compensation through the use of intelligent contracts.


5.- It provides a solution to the problems of scalability within the block chain:

Create cross-share transactions constantly (data transactions across different networks without the need of a third party) to offer a quality user experience (QoE) in an ecosystem that is marketed as the key element of IONChain. This design will allow scalability to respond to user demands.

6.- Intelligent contract facilitates sharing the economy:

Within the IONChain network, smart contracts can be customized to adapt to certain scenarios, allowing secure interactions between devices and transferring value through the decentralized network.

7.- Edge Computing:

Industrial needs contribute to betting on Edge Computing, in certain environments the only way to further optimize processes is to try to avoid communication with the cloud as much as possible. This makes it possible to reduce latencies and consume less bandwidths in order to achieve advantages in the form of reduced costs in maintenance and implementation, guarantees in terms of safety, or lower energy consumption. Thanks to the Edge Computing used by IONChain, the efficiency of all systems within an organization will improve significantly.

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The exploration of oil and gas is a good example of the application of edge computing within the IoT. Supervising the tasks in the oil or gas collecting stations is often complicated because these workplaces are difficult to coordinate with huge truck fleets, cranes, rotary excavators, and boats in the case of the stations that are located in the sea. To carry out these tasks are using multiple flying drones called "aerial data collection bots" that examine the work sites during oil exploration and that are connected to the Edge Computing. This method of management generates large amounts of data in the form of high-definition video, in addition to using cameras that can take pictures of the work site 24 hours a day giving managers an updated view of how resources are implemented and how the plant's equipment works. Trusting Edge Computing allows drones to transmit data in real time and receive instructions in a timely manner.

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IONC is the official token of the IONChain platform and the fundamental tool for the efficiency of IONChain. This can be utilized over the IoT in so many different ways: rewarding miners, enabling users to be elected as IONChain council members, compensation for smart contract computation and DAPP deployment, transaction fee settlements and rewards for connecting other ION nodes.

The IONChain platform issues its own IONC tokens, will issue a total of 800 million tokens distributed as follows:

● Circulation: 25%
● Mining Rewards: 25%
● Community construction and incentives: 20%
● R & D team: 20%
● Node incentives: 10%


The infrastructure of IONChain provides a secure and intelligent solution to keep all devices connected under the same network through the construction of a powerful application for IoT technology.

With the use of Edge Computing technology, it solves the problems of data security, data circulation, data exchange and data transactions, which affect all types of users. In addition, it allows each device in the IoT network to be used as a mining machine, so each IoT device that IONChain uses is subject to mining rewards and this offers a massive opportunity for people who want to earn money.

IONChain is a platform that facilitates the optimization of all processes, it is safe and reliable. The development of its technology allows the connection of millions of devices which favors the transfer of information thus improving the quality of life of all users.

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