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Without a doubt, the economic dynamics are being transformed with the advance of technology and the massive use of virtual tools; that is why a new form of currency appears in the world: cryptocurrencies. Those that do not find legal regulation of any State, and at the same time that characteristic of being outlawed, have made it attractive to thousands of investors throughout the world.

Cryptocurrencies are already becoming a reality, this new concept has been gaining popularity among communities of investors, merchants, and the general population, because they arise from the need to create a digital cash system that does not depend on any government or banking entity and as a strategy to combat the vulnerability of fiat money (the dollar, the euro, among others).

Thousands of investors put their attention on the movement of cryptocurrencies, since this tool has been consolidated as a desired platform for exchanges or investments. It is presented as the best alternative that allows users to use their money in a different way than traditional, decentralized, private and more secure. We can see how the commercial sector has become involved in the use of cryptocurrencies, one case of this is Subway, the popular fast food chain, specialized in making sandwiches, announced that it would accept, for the time being, Bitcoin as a currency valid for the purchase of your products on an international scale.

With the growth of popularity and the appearance of new cryptocurrencies, appeared the cryptocurrency exchanger, investors, merchants and the population in general, use the cryptocurrency exchangers to buy, sell or exchange a cryptocurrency for another. Now many exchangers are working, in which all the existing cryptocurrencies circulate, this tool becomes useful in the case for example that a person needs to pay some good or service with Litecoin and only has Ethereum in the wallet, then that is when presents the need to exchange cryptos.

Now, when it comes to finding the best cryptocurrency exchanger, things are not so easy. The first thing to consider when looking for the best crypt exchanger is how secure the website is, the reputation of the service, the available cryptocurrencies, the transaction fees and the complexity of the service.

Taking these aspects into account, the best service is created,

ONEPAGEX is a platform that we use to exchange cryptocurrencies. Currently has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and we can already say that it is the simplest exchanger within the web.

Objective of ONEPAGEX.jpg

Its main objective is to simplify the cryptocurrency trading process and facilitate the transfer process.

How does it work.jpg

The operating mechanism of cryptocurrency exchangers does not differ much. Participation in the market is available to anyone without restrictions on the place of residence. To have access to the exchanges, confirmation of the identity of the person in question is usually required, but with ONEPAGEX no registration is required.

How is ONEPAGEX different from the others.jpg

The cryptocurrency exchangers are differentiated from each other by many parameters, such as the volume of exchanges, security, the size of the commission, among other aspects, but what makes ONEPAGEX different is the ability to enter the service and the selection of the cryptocurrency. It is very easy to enter, because no registration is required, so the system guarantees the anonymity of its users and offers them greater security and confidence, that is, the users do not provide information and personal data, which makes this platform confidential and safe.

ONEPAGEX gives us the simplest and safest service to exchange our cryptocurrencies.jpg

To know if we have chosen a safe service and without major difficulty to exchange cryptocurrencies we must take into account the following:

  • Check:

The confirmation of identity is mandatory in some exchange platforms, and this is the object of manipulations of hackers causing the loss of money, however, with ONEPAGEX no confirmation of the identity of the person in question is required, that is, no Information about your personal data is provided.

  • Complexity of the service:
    The procedure for exchanging cryptocurrencies sometimes becomes tedious because we must make many clips before reaching the proposed goal, however, ONEPAGEX gives us the simplest way to perform transactions safely, quickly and easily from a single page.

  • Selection of cryptocurrencies:

ONEPAGEX has more than 140 cryptocurrencies available to choose from and exchange. Users will save time and effort, as it is not necessary to alternate between two different exchanges in two different windows on the PC to find the best price and perform multiple transactions.

  • Integration with other cryptocurrency exchange platforms:

ONEPAGEX is related to other platforms through the integration with the exchange and the search of the best prices for any cryptocurrency, you can get the best price in real time of the cryptocurrency of your preference.

  • Transaction fees:

All exchangers charge commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds, when opening and closing an order. The size of the commission and the procedure for its calculation may be different. ONEPAGEX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee in all transactions. All rates are included in the estimate shown, as we can see, the commissions should not affect the profitability of the trade.

  • Multiple transactions:

Multiple transactions can be made from one page. Transactions are added in the form of cards that users can return and use at any time. Transaction cards indicate the status of each transaction, the user can see the status of their transaction.

  • Reputation of the service:

This evaluation can be done following the comments and contributions of those who have already used the service, through consultation ONEPAGEX users can give an idea of the reliability of the exchange.

  • Easy integration with the websites:

OnePageX has a widget (OneBox) that websites can implement simply by copying and pasting a snippet, which will allow websites to provide their users with quick cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can implement the OneBox widget on their websites so that they can carry out their transactions directly and quickly. OneBox works just like the OnePageX page, but inside the widget.

ONEPAGEX  In only three steps.jpg

With any smart device visit the ONEPAGEX website and follow the steps.

  1. Choose the digital currency to convert: Simply select the amount and name of the cryptocurrency you want to convert and place it in the first box. Select the currency you wish to have in the second box.


  1. Enter the withdrawal address: Copy the address of the wallet to where you want to send the cryptocurrencies you want.


  1. Click on start exchange: After this, the user will get the converted crypto with this simple process.


Case of use.jpg

Ernesto is a very busy boy, he is very active in the world of commerce and likes to invest in digital currencies. Make multiple transactions a day, have a variety of wallets where you keep different types of cryptocurrencies and you are becoming an important person in the business world.

For security reasons, he likes to remain anonymous and needs a reliable and fast platform that allows him not only to maintain his anonymity but also to carry out multiple transactions of all his cryptographic currencies in a single page, without registers, or cumbersome systems.

Ernesto met ONEPAGEX and now his time is more productive, in addition to making his exchanges easier, now he can also invest in other types of businesses.


ONEPAGEX is the simplest and safest cryptocurrency exchanger to use. It becomes a necessary platform for those users who wish to remain anonymous due to the fact that they do not register personal data.

The advantages offered by ONEPAGEX are varied, it has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, multiple transactions can be made from one page and you can obtain the best real-time price of the cryptocurrency of your preference, thus facilitating the work of the users that many times they use two and even more platforms to exchange their cryptocurrencies.

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Hi @norkamoran

Just bumped into your profile just to realize that we seem to share a number of interests :)

In particular that we both share a similar passion towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology :)

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I will follow you closely :)
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Hello, how are you?

Do you know something? I must confess that I have learned a lot about the blockchain with the participation in the contests of @originalworks and that I enjoy reading and writing about the different topics.

Thanks for your comment! Really, this type of comments encourage me to do it better and better!

Thank you :)


Indeed @originalworks contest is surely helping many people to learn more about crypto, share their knowledge and hopefully make some steem. They are doing such a great job.

ps. I've noticed your Venezuelian. Hope you're not from Caracas? I was told that it's very cruel place.



Thank God I'm not from Caracas, I'm from Maracaibo. Greetings from here! :)

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