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Social networks are a very efficient tool for the search of information, this for the different brands as well as for the consumers. When we search for information on social networks, we must always seek the opinions of experts on the subject, product and / or service in question so that we feel safe and do not generate regrets.

When we talk about the consumer, we say that before carrying out any purchase, it conducts research either on the internet (specialized sites, forums, manufacturers' websites, the competition's website), on Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) or by asking their friends and family. Each day more the opinions of others, are a great source of information for decision making.

In this sense, those people who help make decisions little by little become the influential ones in the social networks, these no more than those users who because of their knowledge in some topic are considered by the people as "experts" and with their comments are able to influence the other members of the community.

The influencers in the Blockchain


For many, there is a before and after the incorporation of Blockchain technology, which has brought notable improvements in almost all sectors where it is used. Block chains are increasingly popular, which started as the basis of Bitcoin, and ended up becoming the largest decentralized system tool.

That is why a whole community has been created that defends the use and adoption of this technology in as many sectors as possible. Steemit is a clear example, seeks to become a social network, which uses a native token to promote the publication of content on its platform. On the other hand, EOS is one of the decentralized platforms that aims to compete against Ethereum, becoming the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Let's talk about Patron


Patron is a platform that works within the blockchain and in favor of a sustainable economy among organizations, influential people and their followers in social networks. Patron links the world of social networks and the blockchain.

Patron is a platform that helps influential people make a living. The pattern allows interaction between fans, creators and sponsors. In a world increasingly difficult for online creators. Patron will allow advertisers to find ideal characters to promote their product, which means that advertisers will get a better return on their investment.

With the use of social networks, Patron will take care of good marketing!

The users in Patron?

In Patron there are 3 types of users, which are:

• Influencer
• Sponsor
• And follower

  • Influencer:

These are the ones who can establish contracts to promote the brand of a sponsor during the time that the agreement between the parties. All these actions are according to what each contract establishes.

  • Sponsors:

The Sponsors promote their brand through these Influences, where a contract is established, they can also obtain followers during a period of time established according to a demographic market, which means that, through a contract, they can always be chosen. that have to do with the material that the Influencer is advertising, can also block certain followers of a specific market, depending on the contracts already determined that it has.

  • Followers:

These are those who seek specific content according to their ideals; In short, they look for an influential person to represent them or transmit the information they want to obtain.

Main objective of Patron

Patron uses influential ideals within social networks to promote a certain product. The influencer has the capacity and knowledge to attract more followers and thus the product can be marketed more easily. As the influencer is well known, it can be assured that the product convinces the majority of users.

The opposite occurs when advertising companies are responsible for marketing the product, only generate high costs and simply do not transmit the consumer the confidence necessary to acquire the benefit.

And how do influential people benefit from using the Patron?

According to the number of followers, the ability to convince and other skills that will generate good income are valued, due to the contracts offered by different companies.



Patron is a platform in the blockchain that will revolutionize the marketing carried out by companies. It is a platform that will help influential people to do business, Patron will change the way of marketing, now companies can select the ones they want to hire to publicize their products or services.

In Patron everyone gets benefits, both the influential as sponsors and followers, all can start contracts and obtain fixed income according to the duration and terms thereof. The sponsoring companies guarantee a more efficient marketing directed to a selected group where the followers will be able to obtain the best content.

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