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Medical records, over the years, have been instruments that we have used for years to facilitate our admission to medical institutions, as they have a history of any examination, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and responses to them, which should generally maintain a margin of privacy between the patient and the medical institution he went to and take care of keeping his medical record.

Today, despite the many technological advances that are emerging every day, however, not all have been able to adapt to them. The medical institutions, which over the years have maintained and managed the medical records of patients in a very centralized manner, and have always been subject to laws to ensure that not everyone can access them, have brought some inconvenience to the patient's care with regard to the analysis of their data, as even these do not in some cases not provide 100% of their data at the time of registration, which could lead to a bad doctor-patient relationship, either because of the lack of information or the simple fact that they are disclosed without the patient's consent because, even if it doesn't look like it, or in a hospital, our records aren’t 100% protected, because anyone who has access to the database can see anyone's medical record and use it to your advantage, since you will most likely never know that it fell into other hands.

In addition to the lack of security that any medical institution may have, another factor that comes into play is the way records are stored. Not because we are in the 21st century all companies use the best techniques to store and control the information they manage every day. The way in which medical institutions are affected by this is that they do not always get the best systems for keeping patient records, and they are not designed to empower patients to manage their records, since there have been cases where patients are unable to treat at their trusted medical institution for any reason, whether for financial reasons, an emergency or simply became ill while traveling, which leads to the situation that when they want to update their medical records to where they regularly go, they may face a problem that takes more paperwork and time than they expected.

But, one of the things that has most affected people's experiences in medical institutions is the lack of information regarding a test or treatment previously performed in another hospital that is not transferred to the different hospitals in the region where you live, which leads to anyone who needs to do a checkup for some reason in another medical institution, must repeat the test (and maybe more than once) in order to access the services or treatments that are required at the time.

This is the problem that MediBloc wants to solve, in order to improve the experiences of its users in medical institutions, whether it is a major medical emergency or a simple routine examination, all with the help of an open-source platform and the use of blockchain.

What is MediBloc?

Is a data platform focused in the medical field, utilizing all the power of their own Blockchain, Medibloc intends to crush the old fashion way that medical records are registered, instead of having your medical record getting dust in a hospital´s room somewhere, you could go and see whatever doctor you need for your current predicament. You as a patient and a user could take hold of your own medical records, share that information with any doctor or hospital you need, shortening all the messy stuff that medical process and documentation is most of the time.

Taking full advantage of Medibloc, not only this makes a more agile documentation process and reduces time´s wasting, but with all the relevant medical information at hand, this make caring the first and only problem to solve, assuring that the patient has everything that he/she needs for a full recovery.


Changing the Medical record's game with MediBloc

According with “MediBloc records the activity of those who write/read/access that information on the Blockchain. Currently, it is difficult to track where and how an individual’s healthcare information is being used, but MediBloc will transparently provide information on when, where and for what purpose the healthcare information was used. By allowing consumers to have authority and manage personal healthcare data, MediBloc can fundamentally stop exploitation of healthcare information”.

Meaning that, because Medibloc is all about transparency it doesn’t mean insecure. In fact thanks to the digitalization of the records. It is easy for you to manage the where/who/what. That not being all of what Medibloc had to offer in themes of security, it also comes with access levels that ENSURES that reading and tweaking away with another person medical records, can't be done without the account owner approval.

Importance of the data

Something that Medibloc does apart from serving the user, it's to help data research for investigation (with account´s owner approval obviously), this is something necessary since “management will enable you to organize your files and data for access and analysis without difficulty. Consider for instance what would happen if a member of a research team were to leave during a particular project. Well managed research data helps newcomers to understand the nature and the extent of work done so far. Well managed data also helps individual researchers track the course of their own progress.”

It also helps with the theme of insurance research. Insurance companies will normally ask you routine medical questions when you apply to life cover. Travel insurance and health insurance. Meaning the constant routine checkouts on your medical history. Without decentralized digitalization, you never know what that insurers could see and what relevance they have to that insurance application. But with Medibloc now you do.

Digital superiority

To be honest, one of the most relevant things that make the use of blockchain a necessity in healthcare, is the to have the lack of a central administrator or the centralization of the records. Because the contents of a regular database are stored in the memory of a specific system, anyone who has access to that system could corrupt the data within, seriously messing up the information that it is in there, and this is not exaggeration.

With the use of the blockchain, and it secures cryptography. All the users are in control of all their information and who access it. Since healthcare deals with confidential patient information and in the case of extreme circumstance it requires quick access to that information, blockchain can modernize these medical records and enable their sharing in a secure way. Blockchain, in a single moment, offers security, scalability, data privacy and complete administration of the records.

Road Map:




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More about them here.

Thanks for reading.


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