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Market your cryptocurrencies without problems with ONAM




With the advent of blockchain technology, a large number of applications and platforms that work through this technology have been added, also bringing growth in the virtual economic area favorable for all those who carry out their negotiations through these platforms.

With all these virtual negotiations a digital exchange is handled, which are cryptocurrencies, and these are used to exchange your money for them, and thus be able to carry out marketing transactions in a virtual way. These allow the exchange of value for money for example; contracts, intellectual property, actions or services.

The cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable investments of the moment, which is why the strategy of trading with cryptocurrencies is very good, since it allows you to invest at all times.

Due to the high demand for cryptocurrencies and virtual investments and negotiations, it is necessary to have platforms that carry out a process of exchange of these virtual currencies to real money for the users of the different platforms that carry out marketing and other business transactions.

It is important to note that these exchange houses are not always so reliable or simply do not have the security, capacity and speed that is needed in these cases, however the need forces users to make use of them and in many cases users need Make your exchanges with several houses according to your requirements.

It is for these details of deficiency that have been evidenced throughout the use of these exchange houses today we can count on an exchange house that offers security, scalability and speed, at the time of exchanging cryptocurrencies and also supports a wide variety of virtual currencies that offers the user to make all their exchanges according to their needs in one place and this form of exchange is ONAM a new platform that allows exchanges of cryptocurrencies without problems.



What is ONAM?

ONAM It is a new exchange platform that allows a cryptocurrency negotiation in a secure way since it has incorporated business security with other striking aspects such as risk management and negotiation tools advanced in addition to being an easy-to-use application for users.

ONAM aims to improve the exchange of cryptocurrencies that is known so far and to solve the deficiencies that can be observed in other applications or platforms that offer exchange.


1.- Safe exchanges without security breaches
Security in the exchange of cryptocurrencies is of great importance, this issue has been one of the shortcomings since a certain time since it is the focus of some hackers for the theft of them and have already seen cases and losses in some virtual exchange house, there is also a prediction that these attacks will increase therefore there must be security for users. That is why ONAM is committed to security and has created its own security system to prevent advanced threats and intrusion detection with automatic learning technology to ensure our platform. With the help of machine learning technologies, in addition to conducting third-party security audits.

2.- Exchange Scalability

The increase in the number of merchants exposed to current exchanges, making known the existing limitation of scalability since they are not designed to support such a number of transactions and it is inevitable that they will collapse in the future. This is why ONAM was designed with scalability thought in the future so that the transactions carried out by attending and processing a large number of transactions are fast through the "matching engine capable of processing more than 10 million transactions per second with latencies as low as 40 nanoseconds. it was achieved through the use of GoLang programming language designed by Google, which was created specifically for computationally intense server applications."

3.- Monitor the manipulation of the market in real time

The market for cryptocurrencies is very unpredictable and also manipulated, due to this there are a lot of irregularities that do not allow for confidence so that some large investors can venture into the virtual market, and this is why ONAM offers a technology that allows data analysis before and after each transaction thus monitoring any activity out of the ordinary this allows generating reports of suspicious activities avoiding possible fraud.

4.- The customer is always first
One of the most important services that an exchange should have is customer service and it is proven that this service is currently deficient since they leave users waiting for a long time leaving a discontent, ONAM offers a first quality service by engaging in respond to questions and concerns of customers at least 15 minutes, and also the first 6 months offer a telephone service that will give more confidence to users.


It is important to point out that ONAM is a platform that offers the best to solve the current problems presented by the exchanges giving security to users.


Assets that initially supported

ONAM will have the ability to support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of their activities, with the aspiration to enter all that can be to give more comfort and confidence to their clients. conduct your transactions in one place.

Monedas que soporta.png

Comparative table

This table presents the comparison between ONAM and other exchange houses to demonstrate their improvements according to the current deficiencies in the exchanges.



This token is called ONAM is based on Ethereum and is important for its capabilities within the platform, with its acquisition you will get discounts, everyone must pass the process of verification of AML and KYC to be able to claim their tokens.

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = ~ 2,875 ONAM, 1 BTC = ~ 81,250 ONAM

Your distribution will be shown below:


Important questions

Why should we start using their exchange instead of Binance, BitFinex or BitMex? What makes you better than other platforms?

ONAM Exchange is the most robust exchange in the market. Our survey shows that most traders use at least 3-4 exchanges for their business needs. We offer all commercial markets within our exchange; Trade, margin trading, over-the-counter trade, margin loans, paper trading, compound funds along with strong business tools, market perception tools, assistants driven by machine learning and much more.

How will you guarantee the security of our funds and eliminate the risk of being hacked?

In addition to standard DDoS solutions for mitigation, antiphishing, 2FA and encrypted databases, we have developed our own patented proprietary intruder detection, intrusion detection and threat monitoring systems. This makes ONAM the safest business platform in the foreseeable future. When using our relationship with BitGo, we will store 99% of the funds in Class III bank vaults to guarantee the security of the funds that ONAM's clients have entrusted to us.

Route map

The following will show all activities (Realized, In Process and Future) of ONAM.

Mapa de ruta.png

Team and Advisors of ONAM

ONAM is formed by a responsible and trained team in everything related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies with the desire to improve this type of services offering its customers security and confidence in this platform.

Team 1.png

Team 2.png



Some news

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ONAM is nothing more than a platform that comes to offer an improved exchange giving solution to the current deficiencies of existing exchanges, focusing on security and scalability, offering its clients a platform safe, fast, reliable and easy to use.

ONAM is taking steps to comply with all of its requirements and is working with regulators on its plans to obtain a broker's license, a money transmitter license and register as an alternative trading system with the SEC.

It also offers an automated technology that will give a great satisfaction to users for all the tools it has in terms of security.



If you want to know more about ONAM you can access the following links:

ONAM Website
ONAM WhitePaper
ONAM Telegram
ONAM Reddit
ONAM Medium
ONAM LinkedIn
ONAM Instagram
ONAM Twitter
ONAM Instagram
ONAM Bitcointalk

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