Liquidity network .- New platform for instant and secure transfers

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Liquidity network Instant and secure transfers




At present there is a great threat to some markets, regarding liquidity and it is due to not having assets that can be exchanged and that can cause a collapse in certain companies which ends in bankruptcy. One of the main causes for this to happen is that its financial structure fails, which is why it is necessary that there be economic-financial balance.

However, there are different ways to continue forward and have liquidity.

If we talk a little about liquidity at an economic level, it can be said that it is the quality of something liquid, but in this case it would be goods or being more specific to money.

That is why we will define liquidity as the ability of an asset to become money in the short term without losing its value. When we refer to the fact that some market is liquid it is for the simple reason that many transactions are carried out and therefore it will be easy to exchange assets of that market for money.

It is important to note that there is currently a large virtual market that generates profits in different types of cryptocurrencies and they need to exchange this type of goods in order to generate cash liquidity.
There are a lot of exchange houses or ways to obtain the liquidity of this type of assets, but it is only seen at the block chain level, but there are also companies with assets outside the blockchain that need a service of this type, and for this neesity is born a platform that offers fast, secure exchange and is nothing more than liquidity network generating liquidity instantly.



What is Liquidity network?

Liquidity network is a transfer platform with transactions without additional charges, which avoids the congestion that the block chain presents as it can be done outside of it, and offers good benefits such as what is easy to use, scalability, speed and security, supporting a large number of users.

Payment features

1.- Allows payment transactions without additional charges between members of different centers.
2.- It offers an instantaneous establishment outside the chain of blocks.
3.- Operates with a simple route design, avoiding the complexity of its use.

Exchange Features

1.- The exchange is carried out instantly, also outside the chain without a user holding funds, and is resistant to high transaction chain rates.
2.- Can operate under blockchain congestion, provides a more stable and professional level of service.
3.- Off-line transactions are instantaneous and reach commercial speeds of traditional uses.


Bushing outside chain
Intelligent contract The design of the Liquidity and Exchange Network is centered around the notion of universal axes. As such, a user who is joining a hub, can process their funds with any other member of the hub, instantly, out of chain and therefore, at significantly lower costs than regular chain transactions.
The architecture of the hub is new because the funds are not blocked anymore by only two users, but accessible to thousands of other users in the same hub. At the same time, the funds are insured by the blockchain, other users can not steal the funds allocated to other users.
Lightning technology is not appropriate to build a hub, because the center would have to open an excess
Number of payment channels. More details can be found in our Stanford BPASE talk.

Advantages of architecture

The Liquidity Ecosystem is currently implemented for Ethereum and allows millions of users and payment.
Processors for the exchange of cryptography.
Because the liquidity network is based on the Ethereum block chain, it benefits from the existing research and development community.
With its novel design, the architecture of the liquidity network resolves several problematic points of the existing ones.
Payment channel designs:
Prosumer No rigid locked funds
Simple design and routing.
Establishment of free and instant channel.
Exchanges outside the chain without custody


Comparison with other Solutions inside and outside the chain

Then the comparison with some platforms that perform the same service inside and outside the block chains.
Currently has more than 10 excellent Liquids that cover development, legal, marketing, public relations and business development.


NOCUST construction

This is a novel structure, a series of very beneficial properties for users, created to make payments outside the chain of blocks without costs per transaction, thus being effective and safe for the users since they themselves guard their keys, avoid the congestion of the blockchain and excessive fees, guaranteeing the liquidity of the funds of the users.


Revive Protocol

This protocol was designed with the purpose of maintaining the equilibrium of the balances that the intermediaries in
A payment network stays with each other. It has no cost to its users, it is adaptable to the decentralized system.

In terms of performance and scalability. For this reason we have provided a set of guidelines on how to adopt Revive safely in a practical way and minimizes exposure to potential performance penalties.


Route map

Here are shown the activities that the platform has already done, and all those that will be carried out.


Mobile Wallet

The Liquidity Network wallet offers a Blockchain application to perform the exchange transactions. This is carried out in the Ethereum network and its protocol is developed by the Normalization Institute. The characteristics of the portfolio are:

  • There are no transaction costs for transactions between the different Portfolios.
  • Security and privacy for users for the protection of their passwords.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Simple and easy to use by any user

This mobile wallet app shows your screens for use in this way.



Some participants who have provided great support and funds for the development of this platform will be shown below.



The token used by Liquidity Network is the LQD This token allows the user to develop within the platform, it is also the one that will allow the user to pay the auxiliary services of the platform such as channel monitoring, to guarantee a better user experience.
The purpose of this token is to access more effective functions called premium, focused on service levels to ensure a particularly high number of transactions per second.

The LQD token is not a general-purpose cryptocurrency. It is a special purpose utility token that will be accepted by Liquidity. Network in exchange for value-added services. The LQD token is a special access right token to the network. The purpose of the chip sale is to finance the development of the network and restart the creation of the entire liquidity ecosystem.
Remuneration in this market using the LQD token will create a network effect in which the hub operators are incentivized to participate openly and compete, increasing the quality and value of the out-of-chain payment processing services. In addition, the insulating remuneration in this market of the volatility of the prices of the general-purpose cryptocurrency will help to stabilize its value and align it with the growth of the network. Source



Liquidity network It has a specialized team, knowledgeable about computing and great development in the blockchain. With more than 5 years of work dedicated to growth for the creation of this platform.




This video shows the operation of Liquidity Network

Video 1.png

Some Events

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Some news

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Liquidity network is an innovative platform that offers users new alternatives that benefit them a lot, especially by the structure NOCUST, created to make payments outside the chains of blocks and the protocol REVIVE that maintains the balance that the intermediaries handle. Giving its users security, scalability and speed in their transactions.

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