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PATRON Marketing in Social Networks.




Before the appearance of the Internet, for a long time there is marketing, companies that wanted to promote a product or service were looking for strategies to market their products to improve their sales and achieve the financial success they were looking for. Some means to promote these products they were the printed media, telephones, later the radio, followed by TV, the web and today the social networks.

The technological advance through the Internet has developed digital marketing which employs very effective marketing strategies to be successful, the digital media frequently used are web pages, banners, SEO, social networks, among others. This allows that the interaction between the supplier and the interested public can know to know the opinion of the consumers and thus discover what they think to be able to improve the product. This type of marketing is very economical for companies since they do not require physical spaces and stationery only the digital medium.

It is important to emphasize that one of the best forms of marketing at present through the Internet are social networks, these have radically changed the way people communicate, and this has attracted the attention of companies since they see it as an effective means of marketing products. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, among others, are powerful communication channels, with potential consumers, and are important within the strategies of companies.

Taking into account this reality, that social networks have innovated the marketing area creating a variety of strategies for companies to occupy a good position to be able to market, nevertheless a platform has been created that will help a better commercialization through the social networks using influential people as a means, that is, active users with a considerable number of followers and this is called PATRON

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¿What is PATRON ?

PATRON It is an innovative platform that offers great support to the marketing of products through social networks through influential people in the networks, executing successful economic exchanges. It is a place where you can market in full confidence as it is decentralized and will have the most influential users according to the market you want to market.

The main functions of PATRON are carried out in the SNS of influences and for this the tokens are used for their operation.

There are a lot of marketing platforms, but the advantage of using PATRON is that it is currently overseeing a large number of influential people around the world and you see the followers of these people, which is an advantage to promote any product .

The respective SNS and blogs, including the mass media and the Internet media, and the micro influencers are defined as "host".
We define PATRON users who receive clients (sympathizers and users) as "Host".
We define PATRON users who receive an exchange (supporters and users) as "Gest".


The Token that will issue PATRON is an open source cryptocurrency called PATRON COIN (PAT) will be used for several services, this is based on Ethereum.

PATRON will distribute 240 million PAT of a total offer of 400 million in the ICO.
The funds raised in the ICO will be used to create PATRON services, application development,
Preparation of facilities, legal and audit systems, etc.
160 million PAT will be allocated to PATRON to be used strategically in the long term.


Additional benefits

· Contract between the host (Influencer) and the guest (contractor) using PAT
· Use PAT for host (Influencer) and guest (influencer) co-protagonist Agreements Ambassador agreements using PAT
PAT Use PAT to buy, sell and trade with influencers Followers Followers and fans of influencers can buy PAT from PATRON
· Followers and fans will applaud and make a fan vote with PAT for influential people
· If the Influencer who voted has been able to make a contract, you get Influencer money at the PAT rate (stable)
· Amateur surveys to boost the commitment in the platform and award contracts and incentives
based on popular demand

Route map

Below you will see all activities (Realized, In Process and Future) of PATRON.


Your partners


Case of use

Luis is a very active person in social networks and has many followers, however in the network in which he develops more is on YouTube, since he is a musician and loves to sing so he publishes many videos playing and singing. Patrón follows this person as he has many followers and there is the possibility of marketing instruments and musical equipment.
The RM-Music Company distributes equipment and instruments related to the musical area and they have made a contract with Patron to promote their product. Patron is responsible for putting this company in contact with Luis so that he promotes his product and in this way reach all the followers he has and achieve many sales generating profits for both.

Team and Advisors of PATRON

PATRON is formed by a responsible and trained team in everything related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies with the desire to improve this type of services offering its customers security and confidence in this platform.








Some news

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Patron the new blockchain technology, platform created to help in the digital market by providing support to those companies that wish to promote their products so that their sales increase, this platform offers reliability, Patron offers an efficient service as it does through social networks by contacting influential people means active and with a large number of followers in the networks to promote and achieve mass sales through these.



If you want to know more about Patron you can access the following links:

Patron Website
Patron WhitePaper
Patron Telegram
Patron Facebook
Patron LinkedIn
Patron Bitcointalk
Patron DEMO

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