The value of not being obscure with words.

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The obscurity of words isn't unique to an ideology. It's a glitch in the nature of language. Eventually our monkey brains will drive a lot of people to use words in ways that they weren't supposed to be used - they'll change meaning or take on several meanings.

It's when a person uses a word and can't explain what he or she personally means by the word when you know that you're dealing with one of the bad guys from an Orwell novel.

Yeah, I refer to myself as an anarchist. That has different meanings. I could be an anarchist who wears black masks and smashes windows for the hell of it; or, I could be an anarchist who is more like Tolstoy. I'm more like Tolstoy.

Still, if you ask me what the word "anarchy" means to me when I use it, I can tell you that it simply means "without rulers". I'm not going to deal in any abstractions like "It means what the person who identifies as an anarchist means by it." I'm not gonna muddy the water in regard to what my words mean.

When people are using a word twice in one sentence and can't even define what the word means to them personally, you know that you're dealing with a person that Orwell spent his life warning us about.

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