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I didn’t plan on writing an article today. My plan was to walk up to the top of the hill with my wife to see what this valley looks like from up there. On our way back down we would’ve stopped for a cup of coffee before returning to our stay and do a whole bunch of nothing—typical Sunday, that was the plan. I didn’t plan on this opening paragraph reading the way it just did either. #life has an undeniable way of proving its already written itself before you reach for a keyboard.

I have a saying I like to tell anyone who’s listening, the timing has to be right but it goes like this, “the path’s already been paved, all we have to do is open the door and walk it.” That one requires timing. Another one goes like this, “plan is a funny wOrd.” The first message I read this morning was on discord from one of my buddies back home in LA, I didn’t plan on that—I sure am glad I got him going on discord before we left California. For the sake of keeping his identity private, we’ll call him ‘Chad.’ The coffee hadn’t even finished brewing yet when I got the message. Chad told me he lost his right arm, broke his leg in a few places, broke a bunch of ribs, and punctured a lung. Here, I’ll just show you—this is what I woke up to this morning:


That’s the message I woke up to—a surreal dose of reality. Chad is 40 years young, he works for a freeway landscaping company and was working alongside a busy freeway in Southern California a little over a week ago. That’s what he does to support himself, his wife, and his two sons. He’s been in ICU for 10 days now, since the time of the incident, he just got his phone back today and shot me that message.

He operates an industrial wood chipping machine used to spread mulch at rapid quantities per second in comparison to your typical wood chipper—this one is far from typical. Just to transport the thing requires its own semi-truck engine and it’s equipped with its own high-voltage power source. I looked online and this is the closest comparison I could find.

Source Cover image source

I was reminded this morning how quickly life can change. For about three hours, I didn’t know what happened, all I had was that message. He finally called me on discord. He told me he opened the doors of the unit, something he’s done countless times in the past, which is supposed to de-energize the machine automatically—this time it didn’t. He planned on conducting a routine inspection of the system’s hydraulics, fuel levels, etc and, when the machine didn’t disengage, he turned the key to shut the machine down manually. That’s when the augur of the machine grabbed ahold of the hood on his sweatshirt and yanked him off his feet, lifting him approximately six feet in the air, pulling him toward the saws and rotating gears that turn trees into mulch near instantly.

After a terrifying fight which cost him his right arm to be severed at the shoulder, a broken leg amongst other broken bones and, enough damage to his face that he’s already began plastic surgery, he managed to pause the machine for a fraction of a second with his remaining arm—miracle. In that split second, he narrowly escaped the rotating gears and fell to the ground. He said he was screaming as loud as he could for help but with the noise from the machine and the sound of passing freeway traffic, his co-workers couldn’t hear him. It wasn’t until he attempted to crawl toward them for safety he got their attention.

A helicopter ride and multiple surgeries later, while currently receiving around the clock medical attention, he was able to tell me the story in his current sedated state the best he could. I didn’t plan on talking to Chad today nor did I plan on telling you about our conversation.

The majority of my articles come with a side of humor—my idea of humor anyway. Lately I’ve been sharing our travel adventures with you. I definitely like to switch up my content but not like this, I had a tough time deciding whether or not I wanted to tell you about this one. I was in the shower when I decided I’d write it, my idea was to emphasize how quickly everything you think you have can be altered and that the wOrd ‘plan’ is just a wOrd—I’m guilty of taking tomorrow for granted too. Instances like this really bring me back down to earth and suddenly the things that were or are bothering me go away because, unlike Chad, I have both of my arms. Something as ridiculous as being irritated about my GoPro not functioning properly is actually something I should be embarrassed to admit.

I don’t mean to be preachy, I’m just speaking from my own perspective. I was dealt a heavy dose of reality today and wanted to use this example to remind you we’re nothing more than a finite group of atoms that will be forever forgotten in about 100 years, don’t take what you have for granted. The saying about today is a gift isn’t just a saying. Next time I get pissed off at the mailman for delivering an IRS notice, I’ll try to be thankful I have two hands to reach for it. Suddenly getting mud on my shoes or the lady who cut in front of me in line isn’t worth mentioning.

I love Chad. He and I have been really good friends for about 25 years now and do you want to know what I told him? I told him I’m glad he had two arms that day and the machine only got one of them and that I’m glad he’s here to tell me about his near catastrophe. I told him I’m glad I didn’t hear from someone else he lost the fight with that machine and I would be regrettably missing his memorial because I’m on the other side of the Atlantic. The amount of damage done to his body shows the sheer power of that machine as it crumbled him up like a tree preparing to spit him out into mulch. I told him I’m happy he’s able to tell me his horrific #story. Today has been an earnest day.

Appreciating what we have and thinking less about the things that bother us is a challenge, life has a funny way of making the two opposites seem equal in comparison. The proceeds from this article, as well as the proceeds from my two active articles will go directly to Chad. I know he doesn’t have a Bitcoin wallet so I’ll probably end up exchanging the steem through blocktrades into my own wallet which I’ll then sell to PayPal. I’m sure he has a PayPal wallet—I’ll figure something out.

I love you brother Chad, sorry that happened to you man, and I’m sorry you’re reading this right now from a hospital gurney on discord. We’ll be back in the states in about a year brother, I can’t wait to see you again—we got some serious left-handed games of chess to play! Give our #love to ‘Nancy,’ you’re lucky to have her, and please give the little ones some knuckles for me—I’ll talk to you soon homie and I hope you don’t mind I did this.

:update: I just signed off discord with Chad (he’s happy I wrote this). After spending two weeks in ICU, he’s being transferred to a specialty treatment facility in Southern California that’s more familiar with and better equipped to address the severity of his injuries. Thank you all for your kind words, donations, and prayers, he’s in surprisingly good spirits at the moment! Also, I was mistaken with the machine I pictured above, the machine he got tangled up with is a Peterson BT90.




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Sending healing vibes and prayers to Chad, his family and you and pura 🙏. Freaking A, glad he is alive. Life is...( i have no words).


Man, I saw what you did. I can’t type thank you big enough. I shot you a line on discord, Jon, explaining how I would shoot the funds to Chad. I see your heartbeat all the way over here in England.

Thanks, @idig, I’m glad we met. I woke up to an email from another homeboy, I guess they’re moving him out of ICU today, God is great! Thank you for your concern dude, nah.. I don’t have the words homie.

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I read your post in the morning and i am so sorry that i dont know what to say :(

We sometimes forget what we have. It is bad for us to remember with such events. However this is life. Everything can happen to person.

Get well soon. I hope it will recover as soon as possible.


I’m right there with you, it’s not possible to say the right words. I spoke with him again last night and, once again, he’s in surprisingly great spirits, @avare.

It’s even tough to say thank you to you in light of these events, “thank you” just doesn’t seem right. But thank you for the kind words my friend, it’s always a pleasure to hear from.

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I spoke with him again last night and, once again, he’s in surprisingly great spirits, @avare.

I'm so glad to hear that. Thank you. Very good news :)

What a tragedy! Life has a way of reminding us just how vulnerable we really are. Here one second, gone the next. Earlier this morning Robin and I were sitting around addressing the same thing, keeping things in perspective.
Being that Chad is a father and husband, are the reason he will fight to overcome this life-altering event.
"First off I'm a fucking fighter and I'm gonna pull through this and win."
Ten days removed from this horrific event and this is Chad's state of mind, he is already on his way to recovering.
Stay Safe my friends, and our thoughts and prayers are with your friend and his family.


Dude, @thebigsweed, I didn’t plan on getting to these responses today, I didn’t plan on having the right thing to say. As I’ve just told the lovely Robin, I’ve been just kind of regurgitating one response to the next with a little dose of personal in between. It’s your fault that I’m here—you did this.

I wrote that article in a thick-skinned character. I made it all the way through without getting all girly. The character you’re reading right now, the one with emotion, the one I like to pretend I’m immune to, it’s all your fault. It wasn’t until I just saw you transferred steem over that I was compelled to come over here. Both Pura and I are at a loss for words dude. Absolutely incredible! Without a doubt, the biggest heartfelt thing anyone has done on account of me, personally, since I began this whole online, internet experience thing. The fact it’s for someone whom you’ve only read about really shows what kind of man you are. I knew you were cool, I knew you and I had it like that, but your heart just pounded on my phone. Tell you what I’ll do.

Firstly, as I’ve been saying, I’d way rather be in one of those other characters you guys have grown to appreciate. This emotional one, the one you’re reading right now, isn’t one I’m good at putting on display.

I told Chad he saved someone’s life, that was the best I could come up with on such short notice, along with the other things I described, the “I love you’s” and stuff, I also told him that. I told him had that machine not mangled him, the next person wouldn’t have made it to the ICU. Finding the good in all things isn’t easy, like burying a mother, I know you’ve done that. But even that, over time, even the good in that is recognizable. Now then, about what I’ll do.

When this article closes, I’ll take the proceeds from it, as well as the other two articles of mine currently running, combine the three, and I’ll add them to your 159 (F man! I still can’t believe you did that). The total balance I’ll then transfer to my BitPay wallet (it’s attached directly to my PayPal wallet) via @blocktrades. Whatever the total value is at that moment, in USD, I’ll match with my own USD and send Chad the total. I’ll show you the steps, I know.. I know, you don’t care about seeing the process—don’t say anything! I want to show you. Youre’fa king dope @thebigsweed! It’s tough to say thank you in light of this event but you made it easy. And thanks for getting me over to handle these responses, too.

God bless you guys, we’ll chat again soon. Like later today, tomorrow, again tomorrow probably. You know, how we do.


Good morning buddy, how are things going. I didn't get back to you right away as I wanted to give you a break, and I didn't want you to feel obligated to reply to something I said.
I hope your emotions are leveling off at this point.
I'm sure Chad's situation is still paramount on your mind, heck I'm even having a hard time shaking this event.
When someone is in need, @dandays has as big of a heart as any person I know, even if you don't wear it on your sleeve. Despite everything you've got going on your concern for others never ceases.
We will be in touch.
We head out on our road trip tomorrow, and having a laptop this year is a good thing as we will be able to keep up with everything going with you guys.
Stay Safe, and when you get the time, we would appreciate if you would let us know how Chad, and Pura are doing.


See how cool you are? My man! It’s all Pura and I have been talking about lately—“Chad.” Brother, he shouldn’t have survived that. I have spoken to him a few times now, this morning I would’ve told you “I talked to him last night and he was in surprisingly great spirits.” Today I’ll tell you I spoke with him a few hours ago and that wasn’t the case at all. It’s going to be a long road.

Before I forget, thank you so much for being cool and being concerned, @thebigsweed.

He’s being transferred to one of, if not the best, treatment facilities in all of California. He’s in great hands there, they’re world renowned for situations as drastic as this—learning to live with one arm, one eye, etc crazy! It’s called Loma Linda University, you only go there for two reasons—you’re in horrific shape and you require the best help.

I updated the article, I made a mistake about the chipper he got tangled up with. Dude, he got tangled up in a Peterson BT90–check this Mu-F’er out:

Check that out and click on “features.” @thebigsweed, he got tangled up with THAT and didn’t even die! Crazy. The “tines” are what grabbed his hoodie and he somehow broke two, one got his arm doing so and his good arm broke a second. They don’t know how the third one broke but assume it was the one that went through his chest. Man, it pierced his body going directly through his lung and missed his heart. God bless him.

Pura’s situation suddenly became simple—thanks, Chad! Oh man. We’re blessed to be where we are, the biome test is en route and we actually just got back from her blood drawing today. “Progress.” Can you believe we haven’t been out one cent?! UK does things for their citizens we just aren’t accustom to back home. We have a return appointment scheduled and the doctor will have all of the information on her screen and we can kick this infection’s anus! Thank God.

The biome test will either confirm or rule out the parasite we believe we’ve discovered. Then I can be like “so much for not being in the UK, doc, now fix it.” There’s multiple labs up and down this country, Sweed, that test specifically for parasitic infections (31 to be exact) but “it doesn’t exist in the U.K.”

Between the blood results, and the biome results, everything should be in black n white man and when it’s “A, B, C” regardless if we had to hold their hand getting to this point, there’s an “X , Y, Z” to fix it.

Again, thank you so much for being cool and being concerned. Have a great trip you guys, give our love to @farm-mom and I, for one, am glad you got a laptop this time.


Good news all around @dandays. Loma Linda University sounds like the place for him to be. I wonder how far it is from where his wife and children live. He's going to need their support as well and the closer the better.
I'm sure there will be a lot of good and bad days, and as he makes progress, hopefully, the good days will start to outnumber the bad days.
Let's hope the blood tests Pura had done give you guys some direction.
With most medical issues, the worst has got to be not knowing what the heck is going on.
Once the doctors have pinpointed the problem they should be able to have the answers. With this not being the first case of a parasitic infection, hopefully they have a treatment plan already in place.
Will be in touch my friend, stay safe, and sending our prayer.


Oh man! I can’t believe I left that part out! Check this out, @thebigweed. He’s currently in an LA Couny facility, about a two hour drive for his family without traffic. Dude, his home isn’t even two miles from Loma Linda—about a five minute drive, man, can you believe that?!

Yeah, they can come and go as they please.

Have a ssfe trip, Jurg’s!

Wow. I can imagine that message came as quite a shock to you, and certainly one that Chad probably never expected to have to write.

Thankyou for sharing as it really is a strong reminder that no matter how frustrated we get with things, someone, somewhere is doing things a damn sight tougher.


I sure am glad you appreciated this one, @sparkesy43. It’s tough to say thank you under these circumstances but writing it just felt like the right thing to do.

You’re so right about there’s always someone who has it worse, that one is such a challenge to accept sometimes.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the kind words. Have a great week, @sparkesy43, I appreciate you dropping me a line. I woke up to an email this morning from another buddy, they’re moving Chad out of ICU today—“progress.”

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Thanks for keeping an eye on my @esteemapp, always nice to hear from you.

I for one certainly didn't expect the unimaginable situation to unfold in your heartwrenching story.

The lump I got in my throat after reading must pale in comparison to the one you have, since you've known "Chad" personally for over a quarter of a century @dandays

Chad is one very fortunate man to still be alive. Prayers for strength on road to Chad's recovery and for his family 🙏

Life truly is a precious gift and should never be taken for granted...

"The proceeds from this article, as well as the proceeds from my two active articles will go directly to Chad"

Upvote, RSD & !tip


Thank you for these kind words, @ninahaskin. I have to admit, I saw your response and the others and I’ve been putting them off—just didn’t know what to say. Saying ‘thank you’ in light of this event just seems weird.

The virtual support I’ve been shown on this platform is frikkin incredible. Thank you so much for the Resteem, thank you for the tip consideration, and thank you for being nice. God bless you, Nina, I’m glad we met. Your daughter is lucky to have you.

  ·  작년

for you


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@eii. Always a pleasure to see you.

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Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Firstly it's good to head Chad managed to save his life...He must be a fighter because arguing with a machine like that in the way he did normally only ends one way.

This is the sort of thing I babble on about all the time...The fact that we don't know what's around the corner in life and so it's best to live the best version of life as often as we can right now and to plan the best future for ourselves at the same time. (In my opinion).

Appreciation, gratitude and the right attitude towards creating our best lives is righteous and everything else is ambient noise.

Great to hear Chad has that fighting spirit as he will need it, and his story is a great lesson for us all. Glad you shared this one.


I’m so glad you appreciate me sharing this one, @galenkp, because it was a tough decision to make. It’s tough to say thank you for anything after this event but thank you for the kind words and your well wishes. I’ve been putting these responses off because I just don’t know how to respond.

I told him he saved someone’s life. That machine mangled him but had it not, the next guy might not have made it to ICU. Like all things, there’s good in them, some are just harder to swallow. However long it takes, I believe we’ll find the good in this one, too, just going to take awhile.

Thanks for always being supportive, sir, I’m glad we met.


He's a lucky bloke and like you said, maybe the next guy might not have had the fortitude or strength to fight back and survive. It must have been terrifying though. He's a fighter it seems and I hope that continues for his, and his families, sake.

Sorry to hear the heart wrenching news about your friend Chad. I too received a message, yesterday about an old friend living in another State, who passed away from cancer. I've known him from about the age of 12 when we both delivered newspapers.

Well...'I' delivered all my papers...'he' often dumped his in the East River under the Hell's Gate Bridge, then laughed about being caught and fired by the manager. He always seemed to be able to find some sort of humor in his malicious activities.


@angryman, how’s it goin, sir? I’m really sorry to hear about your friend. I’d rather be in another character right now and crack some sort of joke. This event kinda has me in this other one—the one I try to pretend I’m immune to.

Dude that sucks about your friend. I’m really sorry to hear that. I told my buddy he saved someone’s life. That was the best I had. I told him had he not been mangled, the next person might not have made it to ICU.

I’ve been putting these responses off because i just don’t know how to say thank you to this thing. Thanks for always showing me your support, sir, and thanks for keeping on eye on us. I’m glad we’re on each other’s radar, @angryman, God bless your buddy’s family.

So sorry about "chad" but i believe that he will win the fight from his message too. You know what @dandays.. this is something in my mind before I read this
"Live for today, because it's present" that words have been in my mind after I tried to mediate my sibling with her husband not to divorce😯

It's better to just do what you have and need to do instead of want to do.


@cicisaja, it’s always such a nice read when you drop me a line. I miss it when you don’t. I think you’ve been spending less time around here—I haven’t seen you near as often lately. Great to see you here now.

You’re so right. Knowing the difference between needs and wants. Wants are just so tempting. It wasn’t until just recently Pura and I have been able to really see the difference and that’s only because our suitcases need to stay under weight. So we don’t do stupid things like have two pairs of shoes—all we need is one. Know what I mean?

I’ve been responding like this because I don’t know what else to say when my virtual stranger friends are so kind and saying the words “thank you” in light of the event just seems so weird. Thank you for the kind words.

God bless you, @cicsaja. I hope you and yours are well and thanks for always being so nice.

Thank God he's alive. What a powerful message coming through @dandays. You made me cry, I think I was due a few tears this morning. My sister, Crissy called me very early this morning to tell me that her daughter had her husband arrested. He's an addict, mostly booze, but lost total control and busted up their house, graffitied the garage walls and kept his 1 y/o daughter up all night. My niece had to leave with this baby as it is snowing like a bich.
The worst part is my sister lives in Venice Fla. so she can't just go there quick.
Restraining order in order, don't ya think ?

So yeah, @thebigsweed and I were just saying to each other, after hearing from my sis, I said, while crying a little "life is too short" the sweed knocked wood and I did the same . How lucky we are right now, but we do know it change in a nano second.
So sorry to here about your friend, boy that news hurts. Keep in touch with him and encourage him to stay strong, he's got a huge uphill battle, but look how tough he was, that's called the will to live.
Deep breathes my friend.


You know, I wasn’t in this emotional character when I wrote this thing, it’s these responses that got me! I actually put the responses off because I didn’t know what to say. I’ve been pretty much just repeating myself. I’d much rather be in that humorous character of mine. The one I’m in now is the one I pretend I’m immune to.

I’m really sorry to hear about your sister and niece. God bless them. And you! And God bless that man, too, Robin, it sounds like he needs God more than anyone right now. I used to have a really bad problem with whiskey, I love it, that was the problem. The only reason I don’t drink anymore is because I don’t. I hope that makes sense.

Saying thank you to your kind words after reading this article just seems weird but thank you, @farm-mom, you’ve always been in my corner and you and yours have always been in my prayers. I can’t believe the amount of heart over there at the farm—it’s incredible! I said I’ve been putting off these responses because I have, I just saw what Sweed did and it compelled me to come over here and get in this soft-skin character that’s typing these words. God bless you guys! A big huge smooch right here and your sister is now in my prayers too. God bless them.

I’m glad we met, @farm-mom.

'Instances like this really bring me back down to earth and suddenly the things that were or are bothering me go away'

Sad the hear about your friend.
Can imagine your thoughts and feelings about this.
Although severely injured/damaged, he luckily survived.
Wish him strenght man.


Hey what’s up man? Strength it is. I’ve been putting these responses off because I just don’t know the right way to say thank you to the concerns ya’all have shown after hearing of this event. Saying thank you just doesn’t seem right. So I’ve been pretty much just reiterating what you just read.

I’d rather be one of my other characters man, reading you guys’ responses makes me be in this emotional human-like one—the one I try to pretend I’m immune to!

Being a construction man yourself, you’re just as aware as I am of these stories and it always happens to someone else. Man, I couldn’t believe it when I heard it happened to one of my best friends.

Thank you, @smasssh. I’m glad we met.

yeah it's life! So quickly to change! Hope he always strong to accept whatever comes to his life


Oh, @anggreklestari, thank you for being such a sweetheart. I try not to let this character of mine show, I’d rather be the guy that makes you laugh. Thank you so much for reading and caring. Your kind thoughts are appreciated.



@lovelemon 拧萌 迎着大雪 开着汽车 给您送来

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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