What does p2p cryptocurrency exchange provide unique to their users ?


Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange are crypto exchange platform that allows users to trade directly with each other without the involvement of any trusted third party to process all trades.

It is a decentralized exchanges are operated and maintained exclusively by software.

Here are the premium features and functionalities that are provided by p2p crypto exhange to their traders or users.

Resistance towards censorship of transactions

P2P Crypto exchanges are invulnerable to government interferences while transactions. This is because of p2p crypto exchange doesn't have any central authority while trading. If some parts are forced to stop their operations, the rest of the system remains unaltered. This benefit of peer to peer exchange is what exactly used in LocalBitcoins, one of the famous P2P exchange.

Less Efforts to trade

As there will be no involvement of middle man , the steps to trade on the p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform will be the less effort as compared to regular cryptocurrency exchange.

Faster Processing

As P2P exchanges runs by software, which inturns eliminate the work of people to look after the tarnsactions and trades on p2p crypto exchanges.
So, the process of transaction is as fast as it can be.

Lower Fees

As there will be no involvement of operators or people behind to make trading progress in well manner, the fees collected will be as low as possible.
Many p2p crypto exchange such as Remitano offers best p2p crypto trading at a very low transactions fees.

100% security

As p2p connect traders directly, and it doest not hold any Bitcoins of its users. Involving a thirs party tp handle the cryptocurrency would also be unsafer at times. So, if nobody holdsyour funds , it cannot be stolen. Thus you are the only one holder of your assets.


Governments around the globe have been successfully enforcing AML and KYC regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus p2p crypto exchanges allows you to trade with the collection of user's information such as names, places of residence, ID numbers and more.

They are stored more privately and p2p exchange allows traders to connect in a most private manner.

You can also develop your own p2p cryptocurrency exchange platform with all of these benefits for your users with the help of p2p cryptocurrency exchange script.

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