My wife made this piece of art work


Art and craft work is something that attracts me so much. I used to do a lot of art work during my young age. In fact I started wearing specs only after too much of art work. I used to draw a lot during my young age straining my eyes. That is how I ended up wearing specs. Today I'm trying to find some slot in my life to get back to my art and craft skills.


We were recently traveling together and we visited an art gallery during our trip. That art gallery again gave me motivation to start doing craft and art work again. I might soon start doing something and share my art or craft work here.

In this article I take the opportunity to share the painting she did. I'm thinking of at least replicating the same painting. When she wanted to laminate her painting, the shop keeper mentioned that there was a good demand from people for her painting it seems. But the shop keeper had to say that it was not for sale. Maybe if she makes another similar painting, I guess the selling opportunity can be used. We can probably make someone happy by gifting the painting to them or selling the painting to someone.

I wish I get more time to execute my thoughts and bring back my artistic and crafting skills.

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Thanks for the Curation 🙏

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this is beautiful mr @bala.✅✅👌👌


Thanks @bhattg. 😀

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That's beautiful bro !!

Posted via | The City of Neoxian


Thanks bro 😀

Bro, you got married!? I didn't know about this! Congrats both and happy married life!


Yes bro I got married last November. I thought I informed you about this or did I miss. 🤔 Thanks for the wishes bro.