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imageTitle: Reflections
Painted By: caydenshan

Hi steemians!
I just want to share my original painting that I painted last year. One of my friend here in steemit suggested me to do a painting between the time it was from scratch to an artwork. In other words step by step process of painting in order to know the progression of the painting. Included the materials that I used like canvass, brushes, acrylic paints and Acrylic mediums that will be use in mixing with acrylic paints.

In fact this was already my planned before.
For now, I just don't have enough time. But I do believe it would happen, it's really my heart desire to conduct painting demonstration, beside it is a brilliant idea.

Thank You for all the Supports!
#taclobanph Family
#steemitpowerupph #steemgigs
#steemitfamilyph #untalented
#exploretraveler #steemitfamilyph

God Bless!


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Great article nice art work!

Yes, I see several successful artists here in Steemit that does that. And many follows them because of learning from them. You can do that, too. I believe in your talent. I know you'll be successful. 😊


Thank you very much for your support and encouragement @gingbabida. God!

Your workarts are amazing bro. Great @caydenshan


Salamat brod!

Seems realistic! I love the reflection part of the trees and you were still able make a perfect reflection even the outline is in angular manner. Keep it up bro!


Thank you very much @fycee for your support. God bless!

I like your paintings..its really good for reflections..


Thanks @dizzyapple . God bless!

Yeah thats a good idea. Want to see how you paint from scratch to an artwork. Im looking forward to that. 😉


This is a challenge for me..😁 thank you for your support @zhayie03. God bless you!

I will be the next one to ask you to paint for me :) hahahaha

Great job! I know you can make it 😊 looking forward