Original Art series by @mikepedro #12 'FIRE AND LIGHT' inspiration

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fire and light mike pedro.jpg

This piece called 'FIRE AND LIGHT' is a special one for me! It was painted early last year, I was playing around with different techniques and painting abstract landscapes. While setting up to paint I was listening to some music on youtube, what can i say, it was before DTube :) anyway half way through what i think is a fan made video, there were images of space, star systems and all sorts of cosmic art. Soon as i saw it, I had to try paint it! Below is the photo i took at that moment, it is also what i used as the reference.

fire and light inspo.jpg

Any fans of Maynard James Keenan out there? As you can see from the photo I was in the middle of a Puscifer playlist, anything by MJK can often be heard in the studio.

fire and light start.jpg

Mixing paint can take me hours on something this big. This piece is 120 x 60cm canvas.

fire and light mid.jpg

Here it is it the works, this technique takes a load of paint!! This piece used over a Litre!! It is an acrylic mixed with a bit of water and some retarding medium.

standing fire.jpg
"FIRE AND LIGHT' by @mikepedro

This was the first pic i took soon as it was finished. (sexy socks and all, haha) This piece was a mission! It took over 10 hours start to finish.

oxford st mike pedro.jpg

And here is a shot of 'FIRE AND LIGHT' hanging in The Makery on Oxford st, Sydney Mid last year.

Would love to hear what you think.

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As always, much love @mikepedro

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Wow, this is beautiful! I enjoy it's whole look and it's also very interesting to see how you executed it.


Thank you @sagepresents Very happy with this one! Ill try take more pic of the process, i usually just get too carried away to remember to the camera...

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Thank you!!

very creative and interesting way of painting, upvote and follow .


Thank you @jacobkaled much appreciated!


and followed back :)

Really good color work, it's a tough technique, but the results​ are always amazing.
Upvoted & Resteemed.


Thank you @artshares It was a bit of a workout but i made it in the end :) Thank for the support!


Keep up the good work!

Very nice!

finally i found some good art here on steemit.. keep up the good work


Too kind @theatreofdelays Thank you!

Epic! Nice to see the Maynard influence was strong! :D


Ha thanks @human.nature That man has been a huge influence in my life!