Original Art series by @mikepedro #15 'LIQUID AGATE'

3년 전

Hi all,

Here we have a photo of part of a much larger artwork i painted last year called 'BLUE AGATE'

part of 'BLUE AGATE' by @mikepedro

And from that photo I've created these 2 beauties...

by @mikepedro

by @mikepedro

Anyone who has been following my blog will know that I've only been making digital for the past couple months. I am currently working on a series of prints. These are made from photos of my original artworks, most of the time only part of them is used. Then I run the image through a variety of processes on photoshop.

Hope you like them, keen to hear you thoughts...

If you want more, check out some of my other recent posts_





Thanks for taking a look. Much Love @mikepedro

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An honour to see such amazing paintings. good Work.


Thank you very much @usamaawan40 Your a gentleman :)

Very nice! I like the bottom digital version!


Thank you @sky365 I find it too hard to pick favs :)

Corkers Mike. I swear the one above is slowly moving around.. lol
Just my cuppa tea.
Splendid job. Very cosmic.


Cheers Jeff, thanks for the love! And mate its gets pretty trippy staring at these things for hours...


Love it man. This is no shit Mikey boy, listen up..
If you stare up at a blue sky and concentrate on one pinpoint location for long enough, you should get a few visual blurs around the image you see.

At that point of bluryness you should be staring through space.
sustain it by keeping focused and in your mind, imagine youself leave your body and fly up to your location you are staring at whilst thinking.. "I will send you a signal to my location... Please come..." Do that 10 - 15 times with 20 second intervals..still keeping the stare!

If chosen you will get a visit from an extra terrestrial being of some sort... No shit!!

It worked for me a few times. They come in strange shaped craft that shine immensly and look like balloons..

Here is a link man. If you have time to check it out.
You can do it man. I can feel it .


Yo Jeff,
This is Huge!! Thank for the offer!
I got well into this kind of stuff a few years ago after hearing Dr Greer talk about it.
Over the past few years I've got into lucid dreaming and practicing all sorts of fun stuff.
You have me super curious to give it a go. Wont try right now, but its on the list!!
Cheers Brother, will be in touch :)

nice to find ppl here that are on a similar frequency


Sure is @theatreofdelays Got your self a follower!

Very good work.... I'm impressed!
Are You Still Keeping Up Your Craft?
You're very talented.


Thank you very much @pitterpatter I mainly paint, its only in the past couple years I've taken my art seriously. I paint almost everyday, the digital stuff is very new to me.

Wow, Very impressive! I love the mandala look! Very Psychedelic! Looking for to seeing more.


Thank you @human.nature Plenty more like that on the way...

Love the liquid feel your work evokes


Cheers @splashconnect Thanks for the love!

upvoted dear.check my blog please


thank you @admiral-aladin I will.