LPFaust Needs a Lead-In Show on MSP Waves


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I know you’re busy living your best life creating hazy Friday night memories filled with Saturday morning regret, but right now that obnoxious MSP Waves INTERACTIVE SOCIAL BROADCAST NETWORK host LPFaust needs you.

Interactive Social Broadcast - What kind of Sh*tty Branding is That?

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Right about now you’re probably asking yourself WTF is an Interactive Social Broadcast Network? I was right there with you when @r0ndon said we don’t do radio on MSP Waves, so it’s a sad euphemism for “not radio even though it’s kinda radio,”… but I digress.

This “not a radio station/Interactive Social Broadcast Network” broadcasts on Discord…and Vimm.

I know, I know…Discord?

And while I have you in that state of car crash, rubber-necking confused curiosity, let me help you feed that misguided and impulsive curiosity with this shameless link drop to the MSP Waves Discord server (https://discord.gg/74n4e5).

You said Something About a regular Show…

For going on like two years now, I’ve been broadcasting during the family friendly hours of Saturday UTC 3:00 AM – 5:00 AM. If the whole UTC time thing seems like some made up euphemism for a real time zone (like the phrase Interactive Social Broadcast Network for radio station or Reality Television for shitty scripted television), the confusion is real. This UTC nonsense translates to a regular showtime every Friday 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM MST (10:00 PM – 12:00 AM EST/7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST).

…and Something About a Contest


After two years broadcasting, our circle of intimacy on Joculation (LPFaust’s Interactive Social Broadcast Network show) has grown somewhat, and the time has come for LP to schill for a lead in show.

Somehow the idea manifested during the last show and took on a life of its own – and thus, a contest I had no intention of creating was born.

Each week, one hour before the Joculation show, a new contestant will have the Pirate stream on the server to broadcast their show. A panel of esteemed judges with lots of opinions and no taste will listen and decide if this week’s contestant should be press-ganged into the lead in slot every Friday night Before LP.

I know, I know you’re thinking this sounds like a gangland style jump-in initiation, and you’d like to learn how to become part of the spectacle.

Jump on the MSP Waves Discord server, tag and harass @r0ndon repeatedly until he answers or mutes you, and let he/him know you’re ready to try out for the LP Needs a Lead In Show Contest. It’s so simple and there is nothing quite as fulfilling as spamming @r0ndon with never-ending messages. It satisfies his deep-seated need for relevance and it could land you a spot on the “not a radio station.”

William Shakespeare once said, “all the world is a stage." As we strut and fret on the stage of life, always be sure to ask yourself, "why watch the show when you can be the show?"

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Loved your post!
Can't believe I still haven't caught you show...! (although, I actually live UTC....so for me this is all real...)
Anyhoo, loved to hear the challenge, looking forward to. Next show, hopefully I'll make it this time!
Be interestimg to see who turns up for the Co test..
Looking forward and good luck


@orlev here I always though of UTC time as a made up thing - kinda like VIMM viewers. Lol.

I'm looking forward to seeing who turns up and tries out. After Spotlight on the Artist with onemedia and Dvine, there is a serious gap of time where zero is happening, and MSP could really use a show around that time for reasons beyond my own self-serving motives.

Hopefully you can make it out and catch the show sometime.

where have you been such a long time :)


Hi @blazing. Things have been a bit busy on my side, and my interaction with the STEEM community has primarily been through the MSP Waves radio show I do every week. In many ways I feel it's much easier and it feels more authentic and direct because I can interact directly with people in the STEEM community. Between that and a blockchain project of my own I've started working on, I've had a bit of a full plate as of late. Hopefully in the near future I will have a bit more time to put towards some more content.

How have things been on your side? I'm glad to see you're still around and active.


things have been ok not that much great not the same fun on steemit like it was earlier but good to see you around and some more steemians :) it made my day special that time was really special around 2017 so many amazing people and geat stuff

An hour of "The Nickelback Niche" for the WIN!!! All nickelback all the time