A Brave King And His Secret Marriage

3년 전

He thought they may mysteriously kill the son. As a result, he hatched a secret plan. The Igwe went out of his way to look for a woman that could give him a Son.


The King went ahead and secretly married her, the woman was called Uloaku gave birth to a bouncing baby boy for Igwe Nkume.

The King's joy knew no bounds, Igwe never allowed anyone into his kingdom that he has gotten a son of his own. The second marriage and the son was kept a secret.

At a time when the King's son was ten, Uloaku demanded that the King should take her son to the palace. The King promptly told her that it was impossible for him to do that.

My love, you have made my life a joyful one, what is the future of a King without a heir? he asked.

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Secret marriage is not my thing but I guess he had a reason