The Palcoin Claimdrop is Here!!!!

3년 전

The Palcoin Claimdrop is Finally Here!!!!

How do I claim my Palcoins???

Go to Steem Engine and using Steem Keychain to login, go to your wallet. There you will see an icon on the top left corner of the screen, you need to click on it claim your tokens!

Refresh the wallet on Steem Engine and you will see the tokens from the claimdrop in your balance. You can also go to your wallet on and you will see the tokens there too.

You have one month to claim the tokens if you were selected for the claimdrop.

The Minnow Support Project has provided a claimdrop to up to 16,000 accounts. We worked from a list of under 50,000 accounts that have been active in the last two months. We applied blacklists and whitelists from trusted sources. We manually removed known multi accounts and previous bans from PALnet discord.

We are planning on distributing to people who were missed with the unclaimed coins after the drop and will let everyone know what the process is when we have it ready.

If you did not receive a claimdrop please let me know in the comments and I will start putting a list together.

No Pal left behind!

So what do I do with these here Palcoins???

Well they are yours to do what you want, but we suggest you STAKE them....turn your Pals into Pal power!

This will allow you to reward any post that has the #palnet tag and since rewards in are 50/50 you will receive curation on those posts.

How do I Stake my Palcoin?

On Steem Engine you will see the little lock at the end of your Palcoin balance. Click the lock to Stake your tokens.

You can stake them all or just a portion of them.
If you ever wish to unstake them, the power down process is only 4 weeks.

You can also Stake your Palcoin directly from your wallet on

For more information regarding, Palcoin, and the claimdrop check out these posts!

“How To” and PALCoin with Keychain and and Palcoin..... Yay!

Please feel free to stop by the Palnet Discord if you have any questions!

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Thank you for bringing awareness to this! I hope you where able to claim a good stack of palcoin yourself!


You're welcome! I hope you were as well!!!

I'm super proud of my claimed and staked PAL <3 I made it so that more people did the same and can't wait to see this thing develop! Cheers :-)


Yay! I'm very excited to see the results of everyone staking their palcoin!


yea, me too! wohoo! partey.

@isaria - PalNet is creating a lot of buzz and adding new energy to the Steem community. PAL has been a big part of that community and with the recent developments I know that it will continue to be.

I have claimed my PAL and staked them. I look forward to being on the ground level of this movement.



I tryed to claim my Tokens ( thanx for them) with normal login.
Didnt work .
Sorry for that comment it worked for me now.


ok good

Just Claimed and Staked!

I went to Steem-Engine and clicked the claim button, and Steem Keychain confirmed the transaction was broadcast, but nothing happened. I refreshed and even checked my Pal wallet as well.

Is there something else I need to do? :/


I noticed a bit of a lag. Did you get them?

Just went to check steem-engine... and I was one of the lucky ones too! :) There they were, my first PAL tokens! Thanks for the heads up! ;)


hi @isaria ,I have staked my palcoin, so now if I want to get a curation rewards I have to upvote a post with #palnet tag only through or is ok even through Steemit, Partiko, busy, ecc ecc ?


You can use any Steem front end.

I didnt know about this, ;) . My BF always tells me about this, thank you!

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Hi @Isaria, I have been on steemit for over 2 years and after a break returned over a week ago. Can I be added to the claimdrop list? @fleur 🙏🏽

I was blacklisted from minnowsuport a year ago because of miss used perhaps. My friend use her account to vote mine which is already voted. I didn't appeal for whitelist since there is no chance of me to be heard or honor my pledge. Even without the help of minnowsuport I grew and continue growing. But this time, I am requesting for reinstated my account and removed as blacklisted.

i hope palcoin value will raise now after dumps, token sale wall at 1steem per palcoin mean something :)

=0 Palcoin, discrimination:)

I think it's an excellent project ...

Place the order of the tokens and I think I was not selected, you can check me please.

Thank you..

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for sharing this information

Hi, @isaria!

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Does this only work if you login to steem engine via keychain? I use a mobile device and can't seem to get keychain working properly, so I can only login via a key. I can't see a button to claim.

Posted using Partiko Android


I don't think keychain works on mobile

Looks like i do not have any Pal air drop coins.

i don't have my drop PALCOIN in steem engine
help me @isaria

I didnt get any pal yet, so sad :(

hey isaria. So I guess I didnt get chosen for the palcoin claimdrop :( I tried the exciting button but nothing has showed up.... please put me on the special people list so that one day I too will be showered with peace, abundance and liberty! much love x Basil : )


oh no no no no! WAIT! I just refreshed my wallet! I DO HAVE PALCOIN! WOOOHOOOO!!! (scratch me off that special list - unless you think I deserve WAY MORE Palcoin!!!! - which Im fairly sure I dont ;p )


lol yay I'm glad you got it!

Thanks ! :) @isaria 💙 ♩♬
Still Waiting for the airdrop claim icon !

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Not on the list

  ·  3년 전

Hi, there is no pal logo in my wallet in the upper left corner.

The pal icon is not showing, which means am unable to claim pal. Kindly help me out.

I have not received my pal coin.

Thanks for the heads-up. I just claimed and staked mine :)