You own your happiness

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There was a time I often wait for my mum or dad to make me happy. To show some reflection of happiness towards me and yes, they sometimes disappoint me but I was living in ignorance of babyhood at that time.

You been happy is not meant to be decide by others but by you. You have the right to make yourself happy and that is what you should do

Why always wait for someone to show you happiness when it can be done by you. You are always and will be responsible for your own happiness and not others. If you are really gonna wait for others to make you happy, then you will always be disappointed.

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Even King David had to encourage himself in the Lord! Nice post my friend!

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Lately I have become a firm believer in don’t expect anything ... appreciate everything .... and make the most of both the good and bad that comes your way .

This is so true! 💕

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Really true

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