Divine wisdom 5

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Every word you speak is a seed that is awaiting harvest. Speaking right word is the key to success. Every king rules in wisdom. Those who will rule naturally must gained command supernaturally. If the attention is shallow, the level of product you will get will be low. Satan is a very task master. If he promise to give you good, it will bring something bad to your life. Until God becomes the center of your life, everything continue to fall apart. Perfect peace can be sure, perfect peace can be asked if we allow the prince of peace to reign in our heart. It is where you put God that God will put you. It doesn't matter is what will make you not to matter. You need to enter into covenant with God that you will enjoy the peace of God. Financial rest does not come by prayer and fasting only. Until you have an understanding and application of seed and harvest. Money is the greatest source of worry on earth today. A non tither is a robber by divine standard. It is your commitment to God that

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