The Awesome Power of Tokenization


The tokenized power!

Just got dropped 50,000 Tokens For the MYKBTC . I'm not bragging; I'm actually a little nervous. After some years on steemit and now scot tribes, things are changing. The truth is you think that's air you are breathing? It's true that something holds worth if you give it worth. That still doesn't change the fact FIAT or money is paper or plastic. Yet people are willing to kill over this confidence in paper / plastic.


You might have seen this on some curated posts:

Your post has been curated by the bitcoin myk project. Tokens are available for this account you can trade for steem at: Join our curation priority list to earn more tokens by registering at:

Bitcoin MYK
Register - Bitcoin MYK



The Bitcoin Wave Network allows bitcoin to act as a store of value or “gold”. Bitcoin Myk acts as the representative money backed by the bitcoin in the owner’s wallet. The value and changes in the ledger as reflected by the bitcoin myk network uses a social media private key. This is a network that verifies unique holders of bitcoin to bitcoin myk tokens by use of social network profiles. Several profiles authenticate the owner of the wallets. So that the ledger to a unique wallet and holder are not able to double spend by moving funds from one wallet to another. Bitcoin MYK tokens that aren't claimed will fund our Universal Basic Income program. We believe UBI is a mass adoption vehicle. Tokens will be distributed monthly.

I'm trying to rap my head around it, but it's a cool concept and a new token! I don't think distributing it will harm anybody. There are some buy orders from what I hear, and it's new. I'm sure you will get some distributed by myself at some point.


It's also a lot of freakin work curating. I will say it's got me clamoring through new posts.. much of which has remained barren from my feed for sometime. I actually feel like a paid curator. That was the original mission of blogging. So there you go. I guess my journey has evolved some what. I guess I'll end this blog by saying; look forward to some well written posts!

46, 403 remaining..

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Wowza, that's a lot of myk. What did you do, sell your soul to the devil....


Hi @edkarnie , You look very funny, ha ha ha.
Blessings, I'm saying blessings to a demon ha ha ha, take care, a big hug


lol no.. I'll have to smack one of your posts with a token

I was really pleased to have been curated some mykbtc. Still don't really see the utility of it, but it seems to be in demand. How did you get so much airdropped to you?

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Just a Discord connection and was asked..

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Howdy sirbearbear! Thanks for explaining this.

So that explains it.. You dropped in on me yesterday. I did reply, asking what it was all about, but this post explains.

Thanks for the support @bearbear613 it's always appreciated

I joined with my other account but really got lost in all the technical lingo