Buying Steem for the first time in 2 years thanks to PAL.

8개월 전

I got involved and properly into crpytocurrency about 4 years ago. As most of us it started out with BTC, the possibilities that it seemed to hold let me to research more and invest in a few other key tokens. Ripple, ETH, BTS, LTC but more than any other, Steem.


When I first came to Steem I was excited, it was a new and interesting world. I bought about $100 worth of Steem and then went on to try and earn the rest of what I have now. It was slow, it was time consuming, but it was good. I slowly built up to just over 900 SP and then I lost interest. I stopped posting, stopped commenting and reading, stopped curating or making videos. The only place I was active was in Discord.

After some months I came back, I came back to give it another go and for a month or so I posted continuously and was using the platform. At some point in this time I had started a powerdown and stopped it when I got to around 750 sp or so.

Again I lost interest.

So what brought me back this time?

One word.


Even when I wasn't on Steemit I was hanging out in Discord in the good old PAL server. It's a bit like my little internet home now and somewhere I feel comfortable and happy. I would have people tell me I should post again but I had no desire. Until they announced PALnet.

It was new, it was interesting and exciting, but more than anything it gave me some faith that something was actually happening out there. For 2 years it seemed the platform went downhill, or maybe I just started noticing flaws that had always been there. Either way I had had 0 desire to invest time or money, until now.

So why PAL

Simple. I believe in it. I believe in the people who made it and are in control. I believe it will be much fairer than Steemit itself. Put simply it has restored my faith that people are actually working to bring value to the Steem ecosystem.

I know it's not much but for the first time in 2 years I bought 100 Steem yesterday, some to power up some to buy PAL. It's nothing massive but for me it is a big step to getting back involved in the community and the platform itself. A small amount of money from the real world that is representative of my new-found appreciation of this place and the people in it.

I believe Steem stands a chance now.

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