Visiting Block TV talking JPB Liberty our clip will be out soon!

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Andrew @apshamilton and I were just at the Block TV studios right in the business heart of Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan. Obviously we were talking about @jpbliberty.

Really smart setup they've got there and a dynamic bunch of people! I even ran into Yael Levi who I spent a fun morning on air with 3 years ago when I was in studio as a guest on i24 News on the day the Brexit vote passed.

Asher interviewed us and that clip will be out later.


Yael Lavie photobomb at Block TV.jpg
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To join the class action as a member just send an encrypted memo to @jpbliberty saying “Join Class Action” and providing contact details and mentioning @brianoflondon

You can also join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

You can help fund the law suit direct via Fundition (paying with Steem or other crypto is a great option). You will receive SUFB Tokens on Steem-Engine. For large donations please contact @JPBLiberty direct.

More details in this post

You can also read a good explanation here on my blog.

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Sat in the recording studio and listened to this fascinating interview live, would highly recommend the watch!

We did a great tag team on camera! Facebook watch out!


We didn't really shill for sign-ups! Hopefully this audience is smart enough to do that on their own!

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