80's Party......oh Lord

26일 전

Many of you who view my blog have seen me wear hats with the Hayden Outdoors logos. These guys are great friends of mine and tonight was a 50th birthday party celebration. Great food, drinks and entertainment were on deck tonight and the amount of laughs were off the charts. My good friend Dax has a fantastic property and with the help of a great DJ, some good friends and endless drinks......this party was one for the ages.

Most people were dressed in 80's costumes for most of the night and the music was from the days long remembered.

Now this is a BBQ grill! Over 250 people showed up for this party and it took a large size grill to handle all of the cooking.

I am a professional air guitar, air drums, air piano player. (I'm pretty much a professional at all of the air instruments)

Such a beautiful setting by the lake, good time and lots of good memories were alive tonight.

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Happy Birthday!! Now that is the way to throw a party! Great food, friends and air guitars! :)

I know, I know... it ain't easy being that good!!!

I want that grill!!!! Wow!


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That looks like a fun party. I like the jumps suit or track suit (not sure what its called) in the one picture of the person dancing around the pole. That's awesome. That grill is really impressive as well. Looks like a good birthday party overall

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The party must be a fun and great moment spent there

Dude, that’s the biggest grill I seen in my whole life! 🤣

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Your so bless abundance always came your way just enjoy

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Nothing like good friends, good food, and a barrel of good laughs. These are the special moments that hanging with good friends provide us with.

It's really fun enjoying the party with your friends, sir. Especially if you meet your old friends. Enjoy your day, sir.

Wow.... Wonderful party, very cool people

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80's looks damn crazy now that's the way to party hard :D

Looks like so much fun.

I need me a grill like that! Sweet! I suck at guitar but I can shred with an air one!!!

If you see @willowwisp, tell her we miss seeing her comments and posts!!!

Happy birthday to the crew and I wish them another 50 successful years of business.
The party looks so fun and the place is awesome and the throwback to 80's is such a good idea for a party! Disco all night. Hehehehe

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