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Been listing and thanks for clearing all the PAL and steem-engine stuff up, makes so much more sense when you lay it out like this. So helpful, it makes me really excited about STEEM and all thats going on in this community

Press play... wtf, why isn't this working?... oh, turn on speakers

I enjoyed the interview, a lot of questions were answered that I wanted to hear about.

Looks cool buddy, your lucky to have gotten an interview with the busy man

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Happy that you and @aggroed were able to chat together!


kaBOOM! Thanks for setting this up!

Great stream and a lot of insights! Thanks Sir!

cool insight. I have been taking a long time break from steem, after I lose ~5400 Steem. Now I am back, trying to keep up with the people I follow:) thumb up


kaBOOM! Welcome back. Just sent you a STEEM token.


Oh snap, I went out for a bit, now I saw you reply, along with a full STEEM token:) Thank you @champagnecrypto , you rock, honestly. It was a tough loss, I think I am the only one that has lost a significant amount of Steem Token( 5478.300 to be more precise), out of stupidity, but also because at that time, STEEMIT didn't had a safety system when it comes to STEEM transfers. Anyway, here is my comeback post. I hope to have the power and determination to be more active, and actually read all your posts, be involved in community, as I used to do, back in the days:)

Great to learn about palnet, will definitely start using the palnet tag and get some of those palcoins🙌. Keep up the good work Champ👍😁

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Ah, this is great! will drop into the Token Town Discord. The largest discord for Token holders and token holder fans!

Excellent stream on the developments that have been happening on Steem. If the eco system for online "tribes" comes together, this could really take off.

I listened to the interview and it was so uplifting and the Future is PAL on the Steem Block Chain..........