My Thinking to Invest in Steem


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Do you believe is worth investing in Steem with fiat money without expecting to lose some in the short term? It is very difficult to see the increase in the short term with all the Steem available on the market.

Everyone will agree that you invest where your mouth is but that statement It not always correct!

Steemit stake

Did you know that Steemit has sold over 1.1 million new Steem on the market recently? The liquidity on the trading exchanges is already scary.

Each month they continue to do it and we see not much progress from them.

Hard fork 21

Why big accounts will push for it? Simply, they going to make more without doing anything. The quality of contents will decrease drastically and it easy to see that in the pipe.

Steemit will push hard for it because it wants more of what you produce here, that simple.

Inflation reality

Printing 80000 new Steem every day and keep the inflation so high, it is not helping the price. Each steem you accumulate and purchase, worthless every day.

I have 2 solution that comes to my mind:

  1. Decrease inflation immediately from 8.5% to 2% for an example. Remove the actual decrease to every 250000 blocks validated.
  2. Find solutions to burn tokens.


The only types of posts or contents I see around when the price decrease. It is a good time to buy the DIP or is a great opportunity to accumulate more.

What you buy in reality, it is an asset that decreases in value each day because of the mass-selling and constant inflation.

Development of DAPPS

Recently I don’t see a lot of new DAPPS appear here and continue to use the same ones as last year. Anyway, most of them will die and this is a true reality!

We have a least the tribe functionality where you can create your own community.


I will not buy more Steem, even if the price continues to decrease but only keep going with what I have. I don’t see the real value when you vote value decrease every day. You constantly need more Steem Power to be in the same place.

With the combined effect of too much Steem sells and continual inflation. I will keep going only with what I produce here and the sell on Steem-Engine to growth my account.

It is my personal perception and you might not agree with my thinking, it is ok with me! That is the beauty of a free world. – For the love of crypto

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This is the time to invest in steem more


Are you going to power up your own account?


I will try to accumulate more steem power

It's tough buddy. I hear you @chesatochi. There is definitely lots of competition out there too. I guess time will tell if the community around this place is strong enough to see it though.


The time will show us the winner and see if this community is strong enough to survive for the best.

This is a real puzzle for me.
I have no idea how this market works. Like most I know the fundamentals of supply and demand.
However, yYou hear voices advicing to invest on Steem, to buy cheap, hoping an increase in value will put you in an advantageous possition later, but then we have the vicious cycle. The prize keeps going down because people are buying and therefore more are selling (or maybe the other way around).
What is it that would really favor that longed for increase in the price of Steem? I don't know if someone has accurately answered that question.


Nobody knows, but I don't put more money into the platform at the moment. At least, I will continue and share my content here.

With regards to steemit off loading Steem to the market, that's an opportunity for the smaller accounts like myself to buy what I can afford.

As for the decrease in prices, it is a concern for the amount of development going on here. I do think we are not doing too badly.

Great post, always great to see you leave your thoughts out there.

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My pleasure, I have not thought from that angle.

HF21 makes steem more complicated. Many dapps will die if they have no own tokens.

Then, it would be hard to find good content because small appreciation

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The future I believe will be around the specific niche tribes.

You're definitely not wrong really, something is eating away somewhere and I too think buying More isn't fixing and I'm definitely a buyer too and a believer on steem but I definitely think a few things needs to be done properly.


It is a simple mathematic equation, we have more sellers than buyers. Even the active community cannot absorb all the Steem available on the market.

Inflation is a serious concern for non wage earners who lack real assets. Low quality posts will attract downvotes and keeping steem on an exchange is the worst thing you can do in an inflationary environment. It's simple to make 15 to 20% a year here, not staking steem earns you zero unless you're a flipper.


I continue to power up my account with what I got from this platform. It is cool to accumulate the most MVESTS possible and to receive interest every hour.

If you see yourself being apart of the community and engaging with others on this platform then yes you should invest. If you do not see yourself apart of the community and do not plan to engage then you should not invest.

I always tell people to invest in stuff that they know, love and use as they are familiar with the product or service and like what its about.


If you check my profile, I have over 20000 comments and posts here. I am very active and engaged in the platform.

It's a tough one, for sure. From a value perspective, definitely, the more of a currency that is put onto the market, the lower the value of each individual unit. That's just simple economics.

I think, ultimately, Steem will succeed or fail based on the value that the ecosystem provides it's users, and I think this is irrespective of the value of steem itself. If the ecosystem provides what user's want (a social platform, games, etc), then it will probably succeed.


To be honest I still believe but I am discouraged by the value of my own account with all the time I put here.

Good Morning,

If I were you, I’d try to “forget” about the money you’re investing into Steem! Looking back, Steem has been worth over $10 before!



The monetary value is important on social networks with a cryptocurrency. The real fact, 99% of the people are here to accumulate the reward from this platform.

Eventually the weak hand will have sold out and then the value of steem should start to increase. I do think some sort of way to burn some steem would be great.


In the current state, the price will technically stay low for some times.


In the current state,
The price will technically
Stay low for some times.

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@chesatochi, very interestingly written post! Thank you for sharing your view/thoughts on this very sensitive topic.


My pleasure and for the love of crypto. ;)

Thanks for the info and honest commentary.

Enjoyed your post.

Namaste, JaiChai


My pleasure.

Namaste, Chesatochi