Want a cookie?

4개월 전

The @cookie.express has landed in the official Telegram Steem group! ( https://t.me/steemnetwork )
The telegram bot named steemdbot allows whitelisted users to /tip COOKIE to other users in that group.

If you want to be able to receive COOKIE simply type /register followed by your Steem name. You only have to do this once!
If you Steem username is cookie.express you would type: /register cookie.express
Every steem account can always ever be only associated with one telegram account.
And one telegram account can always every only be associated with one steem account.

The @cookie.express is funded with 5000 COOKIE to distribute.


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I do not use telegram yet but still clicked for the cookie


I should have known I'd find you over here in Cookieville.... ;)


hahha wherever there is a cookie! if it has chocolate chips!

heck yes I want some cookies!


then join the telegram group and type /register bitcoinfloos :D

I approve of dis bot. moar cookie for evryone!!!

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I want some cookies 😄

It's an interesting information.
And it looks very simple