Introducing The First BURN project from @creativecoin

5개월 전

We have been discussing options for burning tokens quite a bit lately. We could go the burn-bot route, exchanging CCC for a steem upvote, and we probably will do that at some point.

But not quite yet.

What I am going to do is something that will help accounts AND burn tokens at the same time.

How it will work is exactly like this:

  1. Our Curators find worthy posts from and place them in our secret Curator room in our Discord.
  2. I will randomly pick one, two, or twelve for a resteem on the @creativecoin account.
  3. After the payouts are completed, @creativecoin will issue the same amount of tokens as the posts earn and BURN them (send to null)
  4. The first burn will happen on the Saturday following the first payout, then each Saturday after that.
  5. A post will be made on @creativecoin with the amount burned and the posts from that particular week.
  6. As a double bonus: Whatever liquid the creativecoin account posts earn will be burned as well.
  • There is no set amount of posts that will be resteemed
  • There is not a way to "buy" your way on to the list

Once again, THANK you to all that have staked and embraced this project! We have several idea that we will be implementing in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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About the #creativecoin bidbot idea that starts of this posts: Just DONT!

Bid bots hve basically destroyed real curation for the main STEEM economy. The last thing this amazing scot tribe needs is a bid bot economy. Burning is important, but not as important of keeping this space in the spirit of real curation.

We as a tribe should be downvoting any bidbot usage that includes the #creativecoin tag in order to keep curation real, not running and supporting a bidbot because it burns CCC in exchange for false curation.

This post has really made a huge dent in my initial trust and enthusiasm for this project. I really hope you guys will publicly announce that you are NOT going to ruin this project with a bidbot project. Not now, not ever. Or better yet, that you guys are setting up a policing service aimed specifically at nullifying any form of false curation. False curation should be socially unacceptable in scot tribes like this. The fact that you guys are dabbling with the idea of creating one is a massive disappointment.

As for the burning project proposed, it is really a lukewarm concept. Maybe consider doing something in the line of @steemsense-eu instead.


These are actually some great concerns that you bring forward and will give us something to think about and discuss as we continue forward. I will also have to check out to see what steemsense-eu is doing, so thank you for recommending it.


I completely agree, the burn-bot idea is out there as right now it is the only viable automatic burn system that I am aware of. This BURN project is being implemented instead mainly due to there being so few options at this time and not wanting to do the bid-bot route.


Haha I always have to laugh when this one pops up :)


Especially as I remember @kryptokayden dropping this GIF a lot when people talk about burning SM cards :)


haha me too

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OMG I love this @isaria

Music to my ears. Thanks for being responsive to feedback

cool project and i will stake more CCC

Thank you for support

I think it's a great idea👌

This is amazing
. Well done guys

I like the way this tribe is evolving. The burning method is actually creative and will all gear the community participation.

wow...very nice project

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when we are able to delegate our stack ??????????????????? @creativecoin

Wow, this is really great initiative and happily resteem it.

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nice to see new forms of coin burning and each tribe trying their own version of it so we can see which ones work and which ones dont! congrats on the airdrop and wishing CC all the best

great job guys, that's awesome to see you are managing everything so well :) I can see a good future for creativecoin platform.

Thanks for the tokens guys!

I posted with the tag yesterday but I can't see my post on When I click through the tag on my post on Steemit, my post doesn't show up on the feed either. Do you know what the issue is?

This is my post link. Many thanks

This is a great idea.

despite the fact I tried to read some litteracy about burning , I publicly confess my non comprehension of the thing...and as everyone seems to grab the concept, I kinda feel out of this world, but hey, I do not care being the weird one =D
That said, would someone get the challenge and try with simple words to explain to a 10 y.o mind what burning the tokens is and in what is does matter ? (if the simple words are in french, that's even better ^_^)
smileycat thank you.png


I'm sure someone with a better understanding will also answer but, let me take a stab at it. To burn tokens means to literally destroy them. This will in theory increase the value of the tokens that are still around.


This is fairly what I understood but why not creating less if it is scarcity that makes the value, instead of making plenty and then burn..? That is where my mind begins to be confused...LoL Sometimes I wonder (in the WONDERful sense) how I came until this point on the platform with so few intellectual comprehension of the process 😃 I think I must have an intuitive way of understanding but I could never explain anyone about Steem, the blockchain and any cryptostuff...6impffaua4.png

Thank you anyway @ammonite 😉


You are not alone with your ponderings! :)

This is what I thought in my brain. I guess distributing the token at first as much as you can, might be purely for marketing reasons, so burning it after a while will increase the value. And perhaps simply by holding the once created but not issued coins, isn't enough to increase the value. They need to be burned so people can see that there actually is less than originally created. Then again that doesn't completely answer the: why not create less question. Because one could have always had distributed less to begin with. One token at a time so there still would be plenty to distribute and no need to create a huge amount for marketing reasons. Buuuuuuut... then again, no-one's that wizard enough to predict the exact amount of tokens needed. So better create and issue enough so they won't run out immediately.

Yes. I'm just as confused by my explanation as you are. I have no idea what I just explained. :D

I will now get more coffee so that I will wake up properly. Breakfast number two.



kro5v5agy9.png Haha good try anyway ! This made me feel like I may be more clever than I thought =D well I mean, maybe I don't buy any concept just because someone established this is how it works, and I kinda want to feel my way in it...LoL...Thank you much @insaneworks 😊

Me alegra mucho que este proyecto naciera, y que valla creciendo cada día. Gracias a creativecoin por el trabajo que vienen haciendo.

This is awesome to see being implemented. Burn this vote!

You can also just issue 1M and burn it...
I don't get the idea of issuing tokens to burn it :O

Sounds like a awesome plan to me @creativecoin ! Glad to have my 1000 CCC Tokens staked and one of my posts gets picked in the future! Creativecoin is going to be EPIC!! Upped 100% and resteemed👍😃❤🎨 #palnet #neoxian #creativecoin

What exactly is his tribe about? I want to know which kind of content its suitable for this one. Thanks!!!!

@creativecoin I am loving it yuppi , burn burn burn all the coins to claim the moon. I am grabbing as much I can. Very excited

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very nice

wao is amazing

Hello @creativecoin!
I have not found contacts where you can ask a question, so I will write here if you do not mind.

Yesterday I posted a post through a Dtub. I used the creativecoin tag, but my post was not placed on your interface. How can I post this post so as not to duplicate content? Thanks for the answer.

Here is my post:

GodSpeed ! @creativecoin 💙

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It feels like STEEM is new again!

Any sort of Guidelines about what content is this tribe watching. After being warned I clearly noticed that I did not understand the concept that was trying to be laid with this tribe. So I am trying now to understand a bit more about it before making any decisions.

Thanks in advance.

Resteemed to my 3.5 plus followers.