The First Days – Stats on PAL

4개월 전

Palnet was launched 10 days ago. It seems that it is a hit as a lot of Steemians started posting on the platform or at least use the palnet tag. Just how many people posted there and what is the number of posts? Usually I do this kind of reports at the end of the month. For this one I couldn’t wait and decided to check the numbers in the middle of the month 😊. Palnet is hot right now.

Some basic data will be presented here on the number of posts and authors on Palnet.


The analysis was carried out for the period from 01.06.2019 to 15.06.2019. Data containing the tag #palnet was collected from the Steem blockchain. Details of the query can be found at the bottom of this post.

Activity on Palnet

Activities are in form of posts and comments. Every time authors posts on the platform or comment there it will have the palnet tag. Also, every comment on palnet post has the tag.

Data for each day was collected and presented on the graph.


The total number of activities on Palnet in the period was 14.045

The activities on the platform begun around 5th of June. Before this there was just a few posts. Right after the start the number went to 400, and a couple of days later on 13th June reached the maximum of around 2000 posts and comments per day. In the past few days there is around 1600 to 1800 posts and comments. Will this number continue to increase or this will be the average in the coming days? Who knows. We will need to wait and see how it develops.

Posts on Palnet

Here is the breakdown on posts and comments. First the posts.


The total number of posts containing the tag palnet in the period is 7.069

So, 7k posts in 10 days. Not bad at all. Name a platform where a dApp can go from zero to 7k posts per day in 10 days.

The number of posts per day increased almost linear in the first days reaching more then 1000 daily posts, after what it stabilized itself on that number in the last few days.

Comments on Palnet

Here is the chart for the number of comments per day.


The number of comment containing the tag palnet in the period is 6.976
Almost 1:1 ratio posts per comments. Was expecting a bit more 😊. Not sure if all the comments on the palnet posts are included or just the ones where the palnet tag is the first one. Looks to me like this is the more likely scenario, meaninig that there is actualy more comments on the posts that the number here.

Number of Daily Authors

This is a number that is interesting to see. How many authors posted on palnet or used the tag.
Here is the chart.


Starting from 5th of June there is a huge spike in the number of authors joining the platform. The first day 134 authors and the next day on the 6th 236 authors. This was the maximum number of new authors per day. Just after the launch. In the following days there is around 200 authors per day.

Cumulative Unique Authors

Here how the chart of cumulative unique authors looks.


A total of 2058 authors on Palnet.

2k authors in 10 days!

Only on Steem 😊.

This number inculdes the ones that only commneted as well. I checked the authors that did post as well and that number is also high, around 1700.

Top Palnet Authors

Below is a table with top Palnet ranked by the number of posts made on the platform in the period analysed.




A total of 2k authors and 7k posts in 10 days for Palnet. Going for a 1k daily authors. Now, when measuring something it depends what kind of scale is used and in correlation with what. But in the crypto space for any dApp this numbers are impressive. Reaching them in such a short time is even more impressive. This is because of the community and the creators of palnet as well. Hope to see this numbers in x10 times in a couple of months.

All the best


Tools and Scripts

The data was gathered in Excel From Steemsql held and managed by @arcange.



FROM comments (NOLOCK)
where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2019-06-01' AND '2019-06-15' and
contains (json_metadata, 'palnet')

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Hi @dalz

Thank you for this contribution to @utopian-io.

There is certainly a buzz about and I personally am keen to see where things progress.

Due to your query, and in particular:

and contains (json_metadata, 'palnet')

I think the analysis is lacking clarity and additional information that could be gained by analysing the json_metadata field more thoroughly.


The json_metadata field could be analysed for posts and comments made directly via by querying the 'app' section of the metadata:



The first post/comment is via steemit with a palnet tag, and the second via

This would provide a more accurate count on the number of comments/posts made from, thus providing additional information to the community.

Also, running a 'contains' against the metadata field could also include data such as images, links, etc, which would skew the numbers and reduce the accuracy.

I know you wished to produce some information and a report as soon as possible due to the popularity of palnet right now, but I think a monthly report, with additional analysis into the metadata field, going forward would suffice.

Thanks again

Asher [CM - Analysis]

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Thanks for the review and the suggestions @abh12345.

The used query provides more wide scope of data and is sort of a bulk :)
I was thinking of using app data for palnet, but then the posts and comments made via Steemit with the palnet tag, will not be there, so decided to go with this.

Having the two sets of data... posts and comments from steemit and from palnet is probably the most clear option, but yea it was a quick and rough one.

I'm using the following query for the app data. Would this result with the same numbers as yours suggestions?

FROM comments (NOLOCK)
 CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2019-06-01' AND '2019-06-15' 
 AND CONTAINS(comments.json_metadata,'palnet') 
 AND ISJSON(comments.json_metadata) = 1
 AND JSON_VALUE(comments.json_metadata, '$.app') LIKE 'palnet%'


Hi @dalz

Yes in future, i think the bottom line should be used to check number of posts/comments directly from (removing the 'contains'), and then another query with the 'contains' to capture the total number of posts that are being displayed on




Thank you for your review, @abh12345! Keep up the good work!

Glad to be at #6! Every Steemian would do well to use palnet tag nowadays.


Ah ah... let conquer the PALNET!

Thanks for the mention. We need to test it out and see how this roll out tokens will evolve 😉 more Steem dapps will be doing similar soon specially if this is a success 😉

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You are welcomed:)
This is a special one I believe.

Woooo! Number #2... :D


Yep ... amazing :)


Congratulations! Two Lithuanians on this list! Ant kalno mūrai... Exciting times ahead...


Tikekimes... :D



I've been in Vilnius a couple of times :)
Nice place! The hill with the three crosses ... that is what I remember :)


Labas! ;)

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