Drive Time!

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hey buddies,

I will be sharing one of my favorite all time songs by Shaggy; Strength of a woman ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿฝ

This is a song I wish woman out there to have on their playlist, they lyrics, composition and everything about the songs spread love across all women, You never feel less of yourself as a woman listening to the beauty music by shaggy.

The sound was nominated back in the day and I most say it was worth it, I am wondering why a beautiful song like this did not win the award

My favorite part of the song is the chorus that says:

She'll put a smile upon your face
And take you to a higher place
So don't you underestimate
The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman

Now that lyrics right reminds me of me eveytime I listen to it


The song was released: 2002
Album: Lucky Day
Released: 2002
Nominations: Award for International Song of the
Genre: Pop
here I am sharing my drive time with you
I hope you will love it and remind you as a lady how much strength you have got


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