Controversy Grows Over News Joker Ticket Sales Will Benefit Convicted Pedophile


The new Joker movie is out and it has been creating plenty of buzz. From breaking box office records for having the biggest opening weekend in October, to inspiring media discussions about whether or not the film might be encouraging violence etc, it has quickly become a popular topic of conversation.

Already the film has earned more than $300 million worldwide.

Another bit of controversy that has been growing in regards to the movie is the concern that a certain convicted pedophile will be financially profiting from the movie ticket sales.

That's because the film used a song called 'Rock N Roll (Part 2)' by convicted pedophile G. Glitter who is also known as P. Gadd and Glitter is currently behind bars serving a 16 year sentence for abusing multiple children.

According to media reports it's estimated that he could end up seeing a great deal made in royalties thanks to the use of the song in the film.

Some suggest that it could potentially be millions of dollars.

A lot of effort goes into selecting the music that gets included for every film, is it reasonable to assume that they simply overlooked this minor detail? This is a man who is behind bars for being a serial abuser, even though he wouldn't be well-known in the United States.

Because of the issue with Glitter receiving funds from the use of the song, some have vowed across their social media accounts that they are going to abstain from seeing the film as a result. As we can see though, the film is already seeing incredible success and that isn't likely to die down anytime soon.


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Did not know this, but now all the possibilities of me watching the movie have gone down the toilet... I can understand some criminals, but not pedos, never pedos...

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the internet.

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Half of Hollywood are pedo's. What movie doesn't indirectly fund them? :P

Well, I'd like folks declaring they are boycotting the film take similar stances against politicians, agencies, and celebrities not yet convicted. Glitter is safely in jail, and can't abuse kids no matter how much money he gets. Boycotting him financially will do precisely zero to protect children.

It is the child abusers in the wild that remain dangerous, and who need boycotting.


I find that to be silly that they try to find ways to attack people by talking about connections they may have with allegedly terrible criminals, etc.

interesting movie and its controversy, I'll look to see it