Paying $50 To Grow 10 Cannabis Plants At Home


Growing cannabis is a natural right of all people and any attempt to restrict or infringe upon that right is a violation of individual liberty.

There are many benefits that come along with growing cannabis, if someone wants to grow this plant on their property they aren't causing any harm to anyone else by doing so.

All over the world you can find cannabis enthusiasts growing one plant or hundreds, some having to pay a little more than others for having to exercise such freedom. Not everyone who is interested in growing will be approved, not everyone will be able to afford to permit, and some people would prefer to grow more plants than the often minuscule amount that the state affords to you grow.

The cost that you are going to pay ranges from region to region.

In Jamaica for example, you could find licenses to start cultivating cannabis costing upwards of $2,000 or $3,000. And just getting started with applying could easily cost several hundred. That's the same story in many regions. A growing license will vary but can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars annually, depending on how much you might want to grow.

It's a trillion-dollar money making opportunity for the state, selling your rights back to you.

In some regions you might find it to be a fair bit cheaper. In Pennsylvania, lawmakers there have decided that they want to sell the people their natural rights back to them so that they too can start growing. For $50 per year you could gain the right to start growing up to 10 cannabis plants at home, thanks to a recently proposed bill in the senate.

Pay more and gain more freedom.

If you want to grow more than 10 plants you just need to open your wallet a bit more, that permit is roughly $250 per year.

At the moment, cannabis still remains illegal in the state for recreational use.

However, in certain cities possession of small amounts has been decriminalized. As well, they do have an industrial hemp industry in the state too, those with a valid permit have been able to cultivate the plant which has been quite a headache for law enforcement, trying to distinguish what's low thc cannabis from high thc cannabis.

It might seem like a small price to pay, in some circumstances, to pay the fee for the permit to grow, but having to pay for freedoms that shouldn't be restricted in such a way in the first place, is still an unjust action regardless if the fee is only a small one.


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Government is pretty good at taking rights away and selling them back to us as privilege.

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@doitvoluntarily, It's unfortunate aspect that Freedom comes with a Cost. Stay blessed.

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Hear hear! Former grower for 20 years living where cannabis is very illegal and cbd is a long way off. They've even successfully cut the supply chain here so that it's bone dry with the exception of small hash and Cali bud being smuggled. The prices are astronomical though. 50 USD a gram for top shelf stuff. Hash about 40usd a gram. For someone that smoked a half gram of hash a day and rolled teenth J's (1.75g) I just shake my damn head and stfu.

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interesting information friend thanks for sharing the explanation in a simple and easy to understand way ..

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

At least it is a step in the right direction from being illegal.

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their hands out of the cookie jar would be a better direction for the individual 😆🙏

Status quo = Power, profit, and control.