Tech Companies Report Finding 2x Increase In Child Sex Abuse Images Online Compared To Previous Year


In 2018 it's reported that tech companies discovered over 45 million videos and photos online of children being sexually abused, that amount of content is said to be more than double what they had discovered the previous year.

Experts say that this crisis is now at a breaking point with some suspecting that tech companies today are no match for the challenge, or that they might even be purposefully turning a blind eye to the problem.

A growing number of states have been looking to try and combat this dramatic rise in abuse, as it's clear that there is a great deal of demand out there. There are hundreds of thousands of customers who have previously been busted in various child abuse sting operations. But while technology has arguably contributed to the rise of this problem, with predators using it to create and share their content featuring the abuse of children, it has also helped authorities to pursue justice too and to look for and catch predators.

The number of children that are being exploited across the internet has increased substantially in recent years and for that reason a growing number of people say that the government and tech companies aren't doing enough to stop it.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported only 3k images of child sexual abuse back in 1998, compared to 45 million in 2018.

Of all the different tech companies out there, surprisingly it has been Tumblr that is being called out as the most problematic of them all, it's alleged that they haven't been quick to respond to inquiries from authorities who have been investigating various crimes.

You would be shocked at the age of some of the children who are being exploited in these images and videos, as well as the extreme abuse that they are forced to endure; according to testimony from officers and others who have been involved with combating this problem. It is truly sickening to think of the pain these victims have gone through. Even worse, to imagine the extent of the demand in society today for this sort of content knowing that people are being kidnapped and severely abused in order to make it happen.

According to previous estimates from the Internet Watch Foundation it's alleged that there could be more than 100k people just in the UK alone right now who are demanding images of child sexual abuse to consume.

To try and fix the issue there are several tech companies who have increased their monitoring in recent years and they are expected to report such images and content whenever it is discovered on their platform. By engaging in that monitoring, even though some might say it isn't enough, they assert that it's evidence of their commitment to addressing the problem.


If law enforcement agencies around the world weren't so concerned with victimless crimes like drug use and drug trafficking etc, then they would have more manpower and resources to dedicate to addressing the issue of human trafficking and child abuse.


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@doitvoluntarily, This shows that this world is becoming sick. Stay blessed.

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As a parent of a teenager that crap scares me. But as a parent we have to be diligent and stay on top of what they are looking at on the internet. Luckily my daughter has been raised to be smart and have a good head on her shoulders. Not to mention, trained in martial arts, knows how to handle weapons, and could whoop allot of people’s ass anyway, lol.

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