#1 Coins around the world ( centenary of death Eça de Queiroz) 500$

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A few days ago my grandfather called me his each and took me to the attic,
So far so good, I thought I would need help with something.
Well, he took an old and very rusty box of cookies and gave it to me to open.
My surprise was when I saw what it contained inside!
A lot of old coins including Portuguese coins and some notes.
He told me that whatever happens it would be for me and asked me to bring it away and put it in a safe place.
Apparently it was my grandfather's collection treasure.
They were never cataloged and honestly I don't even know how to do it so I changed the box by putting it on a tupperware and putting absorbent paper underneath.

I put the banknotes in a plastic case to avoid being destroyed by the rust of some coins.
So today I am going to expose to all of you and probably for a long time because they are huge with different dates.

This will help me better understand this treasure of my grandfather and I take the opportunity to share my research with you.

Well first of all I will show you where you are waiting for your suggestions to keep them in the best possible place, I do not know if some of them are valuable or not but I will find out now with these surveys.
For me they are already valuable just because I have a memory of him.


The coin I bring in this first edition of my blog is about the centenary of the death of Eça de Queiroz



## Information:
Number Krause KM# 725
Country: Portugal
Denomination: 500 escudos
Year: 2000
### Centenary Issue of the Death of Eça de Queiroz
Portuguese republic period (1986 - 2001)
Currency type: Moeda de coleção
Composição silver 0.500
Board type serrated
Round shape
Alignment coin (180°)
Weight (gr) 14
Diameter (mm) 30
Thickness (mm) 2.5

The first coin that I take apparently has a good value it was valued at more than 6 euros as shown in the chart where I went to get the information from pt.ucoin.
Captura de ecrã 20200411, às 16.56.29.png

The name of the creator of the same is Paolo Guilherme, with minting made in Lisbon in about 500,000 units with only 10,000 in circulation

I hope you like it .
A hug Drew0

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Bela moeda :) presumo que não tenho essa!
Devias colocar as moedas num local para não se deteriorar.
Por exemplo isto: