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Hi elleok!

Love to have found another fan of Splinterlands!
And I also see that you are a fan of SBI ;)

I'm a huge fan of SBI!! Splinterlands too - it's what brought me back to STEEM!
But today I am here to talk about SBI :)

One thing that I recently found out was that some people look at SBI votes the same way they look at bid-bot votes - and that's with a downvote!
That means more eyes are on SBI now than ever before, and not friendly eyes either!!

I was looking at your posts and some of them earned more than half their rewards from SBI votes you lucky steemian! - the problem though is that all your recent posts that I looked at are under 100 words. Some people might not agree with the post rewards especially since the bulk of the reward comes from SBI.

A screenshot and less than 100 words doesn't fit the definition of quality for a lot of people. If it was a photo you took yourself and the words were describing the scene and the equipment you used, generally that is considered a quality #photography post, but in this case it is just Splinterlands screenshots.

Please take my entire context into consideration, please hear me out!

I am not affiliated with SBI, I am not threatening you nor telling you that you need to listen to me, I am only offering a perspective on how people might view SBI negatively, and I for one would never want to see the program shut down because a large number of stake holders don't agree with SBI's initiative, I hope it would never come to that.

You can help thwart any disagreements about rewards by expanding your posts, especially those that get an SBI vote. Some ideas could be to discuss more about your goals in Splinterlands, maybe talk about some recent battles.. If you use SteemPeak front-end, you can save drafts, so you can for example copy a battle URL and post it into a draft and talk about the batter (was it a fluke you won? was this the 6th time you went against this opponent today and you finally beat them?) then you can save the draft and keep adding battles or thoughts to it as they come until you've got a nice beefy post!

Or if you quest daily, you can store a screenshot of your daily quest rewards and your thoughts about how you played that day in a draft and post a 'weekly recap' type post once a week, but this way you'll have a lot more to show and say ;)

Just ideas!

I'm aware you don't post much, it would look worse if you posted these posts everyday or multiple times a day. When you do post though, they are very much the same under 100 words and one screenshot.

Actually, if you posted more it means SBI would have less of a vote per post, but I know how hard it is to post even once a week! Posting is not easy so I definitely don't want to discourage you from doing so!

Did you know you can 'pause' SBI from voting on a post by using the tag #sbi-skip? If you do this and don't have a post that SBI can vote on within the past 7 days, SBI will start voting comments you make, and the max vote value on a comment that SBI gives is a lot lower than the max vote they give on a post.

I believe the max they vote for a comment is .26 cents, which is quite a reasonable reward for any genuine comment.
The max they can vote on a post is the total 100% vote from all 10 SBI accounts, which is over $2 a post or something.

I'm not saying you are bad!! You are far from anything that could become an issue, I just think the more people are aware of the possible negativity that might be pointed towards SBI, the better.

I know criticism here on STEEM can be hard to take, because others go about critiquing the wrong way, so it makes others defensive which blinds them from seeing the true message..

I'm only asking for more people to be aware, and maybe people aren't aware of #sbi-skip either. (your voting balance will still accumulate even when using #sbi-skip)
The more people that are accountable for their rewards, the better :D


Thanks for your opinion. To be honest I really do see SBI as some sort of bid-bot.

I REALLY believed in steemit to have the potential to become the next big thing but I was wrong and I'm sorry to tell you that but you will definitely think the same in time.

On Steemit content is worth nothing. It is all about money. More STEEM equals more power equals more circle-jerking.

Nothing personal but do not take the time to even write back, I really do not care.

Have a good one!

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