Day four

2년 전

After a cloudy day, I was writing about yesterday, heavy storms passed Krk during the night. But the next morning, the sun greeted us with its warm rays.

We ate breakfast with the early birds, then took our things and drive to the near town called Vrbnik. The place is well known for its many beaches, and we picked a silent one for that day. The beach is called Kozica, and to get there you have to park your car and walk on a pebbled path beneath a pleasant smelling pine forest for about ten minutes.

When we arrived, we were the first one there, and that was a bit strange for a Saturday morning. But soon many others arrived, and the tiny beach, the surrounding steep sides, and the rocks by the sea became alive.

Families with small kids, couples of any age, older women, and last but not least a lot of divers came along.

This bay is well known for its beautiful nature below the sea surface, and as we heard by the diver's comments is that fact quite real. Divine, beautiful, and amazing we're their words, but I didn't dare. Still looking only in the front was my thing.

As the beach doesn't have much natural shade we had to leave when the sun was at it's highest point.

The last photo and we were off to good check the beach we are planning to visit today... But more about it tomorrow. Have a nice day.

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Oh, but the beauty of the pristine waters makes up for anything else! I love being surrounded by pines near the beaches. I have such beaches here, but, rather than much sand, they are beaches with big rock formations.

These are much further North where I used to live when growing up.

Still, perhaps it is so different from an all sand beach that I love it.

Sounds like life is good!!!I am glad you enjoyed your time!


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