2년 전

...and simple will be my post today. But what can you expect from a person, who just finished packing at least half of the stuff for our family's vacation.

My mind is tired, my eyes are starting to shut down, and all I can do today is to go to bed.

But before our departure tomorrow I decided I will share with you a photo I made today.

You may think it's nothing special, but look closely- is spider facing forward or backward? Interesting illusion.

So... Goodnight all, and I will be in touch sooner or later.

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I think the spider coming down!

I wish you an interesting adventure and a
good time with your family!

Special greetings to your daughters!

We are waiting for their photos and interesting impressions of what they saw :-)



😊 Thanks for participating. 😄 The spider was turned away from the phone, and if you look closely, you can see, that this is a photo of his bottom half of the body.

Thank you for your wishes. I hope we will have fun.

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