Stopped counting down...

2년 전

This title can make you wonder - counting down to what? Why stopped? Or even some other questions can cross your mind.

I will get right to the point. My family finally started this year's summer vacations. And in the first time, we will have three weeks off from work and kindy. We didn't plan a lot, but something is certain. We are going to spend a week at a hotel on the Croatian island called Krk. With breakfast and dinner included in the service, I think we will get the most out of the stay.

Even though we wanted to go on a vacation to a bit more remote destination, the price for the last-minute accommodations was just way too expensive for us. Maybe next year, I will plan our trip earlier. Foolish or not, but I think I am as excited as the girls are. 😊

We are leaving on Wednesday so we have a lot of time to pack our things and enjoy every second of the time together.

I promise I will make some photos, so you will see a glimpse of our fun time at the seaside. I will be in touch. Goodnight.

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Counting down is a slippery slope :D I used to do that and forgot to enjoy along the way. Have LOTS of fun guys!


Thank you for the tip. I will try to get the most out of life for sure. And thank you for the wishes!

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you are a true force! Thankful every day for you and your brain. Great post.
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I can imagine that you are excited to go on holiday. That is also the same with me, I love the fact of having holiday and the time of starting. Because then you know that you have 3 long weeks away from work and do not really care about it. To have breakfast and dinner inclusive is great and handy as you do not need to care about what to cook and really enjoy the time. Wish you nice holiday :)