Why do I want to go to Steem Fest?

21일 전

This week @anomadsoul asked why we want to go to steem fest.

I have never been outside of Lithuania. I have never traveled by plane. I want to go to Steem Fest to force myself to leave my comfort zone. This would be a great challenge but also a great opportunity. Not going to steeem fest could mean that I will just keep dreaming about adventures and unknown world. Dreaming is easy. Going on an adventure is a different tale entirely. It is scary. It requires a lot of preparation. Things working out my way. I am not sure if I will ever get going if I will not have a concrete goal. Right now steem fest is that certain destination I want to reach. It gives me a purpose. It helps me to focus on something. Even if I don't know if I will be going to SF4 or SF5 ... but it seems better than just looking at the map.

Another reason I want to come is meeting people. As far as I know steemians in Lithuania are nearly extinct. I have never seen one with my eyes. I wanted to go to SF3 but I couldn't go. Later I saw many photos and read stories about awesome and unforgettable adventure. For me SF4 remains very distant and very unlikely. But even if I will not be able to go... gaining more steem power could help me to reach my destination next year. So I will continue making these steem fest posts to fund my dreams.

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