Techno- Report #38 - Ovie Smarterware, the tupper that will tell if your food is in good condition


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Many times we overlook something that we have stored in the refrigerator and sometimes ends up being damaged, this time of the world where food is essential to our lives, it is necessary to eat fresh and healthy food, eating a damaged food could mean in the most tragic cases death, so intelligent technology has come to the kitchen once again, I present the Ovie Smarterware a Tupper that is connected to Alexa the robot and tell you the precise time before your food is damaged.

It has a sophisticated chip that turns your tupper into a real prediction machine with mathematical accuracy, at first seemed very complicated, but on the contrary you only have to be aware of an LED light that tells you in stages the state of the food. This will undoubtedly save us a lot of money. You need to know that the refrigerator that is an excellent tool for storing our food does not do miracles, so a frozen product has an expiration time, so Ovie Smarterware helps you separate the fresh food from the one that is about to be damaged and you can consume it successfully.


There are two models, one in the shape of a clamp to place them in bags and others in the shape of a button to place them in hermetic containers. This task is done with the assistant Alexa who indicates from the time the package is closed or tupper how much time is left to the food before it is damaged, this is achieved thanks to 3-color alert system, freshly marked green means that our food is fresh, yellow means that it is ready to eat and we should not let one more day pass, and if that happens appears the red color telling you that it is no longer possible to eat that food.


But not only will we be tracking the colors indicated by the LED, this new invention has an excellent App that will show you the state of all food in real time, even helps you prepare recipes with food that is about to be damaged, is simply great.


As usual this launch was done by the website of Kickstarter where it got in less than 3 months $64,176 leaving a few days for its launch in February.
As I said at the beginning it is important to preserve the food and eat it in time not to waste it, a few years ago I saw a statistic that said that only the United States threw food in the trash enough to fill twice a football stadium.


At a time when fuels are more expensive and therefore food production is going through one of the strongest crises of recent years especially because of the control that Bayer Monsanto has over seeds and adding climate change that has completely changed the harvests of many items, we can not throw the food, that without counting the countries that suffer in precarious economies that eat once a day.


It seems to me that this invention is fabulous because apart from saving money we would be making good use of food, if you are a person who works all day and is busy in multiple tasks it is logical that you forget how much time is left to a fruit or any food you prepare and you have left in the refrigerator to eat later.
Ovie Smarterware and Alexa will remind you and help make food preservation easier


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