D.Tube 0.9 Brings DTubeCoin Testnet - Monetization Revolution For Video Creators

9개월 전

The new D.Tube 0.9 is bringing us the testnet for the new Avalon blockchain and the DTube Coin build on top of it. It allows us to earn three tokens, Steem, Steem Engine tokens like PAL and SPT and the new DTC from DTube itself. DTC is still just a test coin but will go live in a few months.

In this video I am testing the new features of DTube and how you can earn DTC.

Check out D.Tube: https://d.tube

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All about DTube coming up with their own coin. Between that and PAL ... I just need an @DSound coin (ahem ... @prc) and i -might- actually come out net positive on the other side of this hardfork. = )